Election for Bangkok governor likely in May

Election for Bangkok governor likely in May

The long-awaited Bangkok governor election may be held in May with the Election Commission (EC) expected to confirm a date in March, according to Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda.

Gen Anupong drew up the tentative timeline during an address to parliament in response to Senator Wanchai Sornsiri's motion on Monday.

The interior minister said the issue of when to schedule a gubernatorial poll will be taken up for discussion between the cabinet and the EC. After that, the date will be referred to the cabinet for approval and the poll is to be held within 60 days or by May.

Gen Anupong said he would leave it to the cabinet to decide if the Bangkok governor poll will be held on the same day as the election for Pattaya City mayor.

The minister said he would propose that the Pattaya mayor race be held on the same day as the Bangkok governor poll since the two elections do not overlap in terms of geography. However, he said that on the same day as the governor election, the Bangkok councillor polls will also proceed.

The governor contest must be held within 60 days of the cabinet announcing its date. "May is probably the most suitable time because there are no public holidays during that month," Gen Anupong said.

The minister denied the government was dragging its feet to wait for the most politically opportune time to call an election.

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