Bangkok governor hopefuls register for election

Bangkok governor hopefuls register for election

Bangkok governor candidates register at City Hall 2 in Din Daeng district on Thursday morning. (Photo: Mongkol Bangprapa)
Bangkok governor candidates register at City Hall 2 in Din Daeng district on Thursday morning. (Photo: Mongkol Bangprapa)

Fourteen candidates for Bangkok governor were waiting outside when the doors opened for registration to run in the May 22 polls at City Hall 2 in Din Daeng district on Thursday morning.

The first to show up arrived on a bicycle.

Chadchat Sittipunt, an independent candidate, reached City Hall first at 6am. His supporters were there about 30 minutes earlier and they included former Bangkok governor Bhichit Rattakul.

Mr Chadchart said it was his first time running for the governorship. He arrived on his bicycle because he wanted Bangkok to be a green city. However, he had to ride carefully because the roads to City Hall were anything but smooth.

He also said he would not be putting up campaign posters. He believed voter support would come from how they perceive his true character.

Candidate Sita Divari, of the Thai Sang Thai Party, arrived with his team of Bangkok council candidates in an air-conditioned bus. He said if he wins he will improve the capital's flood drainage system and traffic management.

Outgoing Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang and his former deputy governor, Sakoltee Phattiyakul, turned up separately. Both are independent candidates. Both said they wanted to proceed with the work they had initiated during their tenure just ended.

Mr Aswin said the Covid-19 situation over the past two years had prevented the completion of many projects.

Representing the Democrat Party, candidate Suchatvee Suwansawat was also among early arrivals. He said if he wins he will introduce wi-fi coverage throughout the capital.

He wanted No.1 on the ballot paper, because it was easy to remember.

Instead, he got No.4 when the draw was made, and No.1 went to Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn from the Move Forward Party. His team also arrived at City Hall in an air-conditioned bus.

Candidate registration for the Bangkok city elections, for governor and district councillors,  is from March 31 to April 4, with polling on May 22.

It will the first Bangkok gubernatorial election in nine years and the first council elections in 12 years.

Pol Gen Aswin was appointed to the position by the 2014 coup junta government in October 2016. He replaced Sukhumbhand Paribatra, the two-term governor from the Democrat Party who was suspended in August that year over allegations he colluded to embezzle state funds. Pol Gen Aswin was his deputy.

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