Public trust 'key' to securing Pheu Thai victory

Public trust 'key' to securing Pheu Thai victory

Nattawut: Thaksin adds to appeal
Nattawut: Thaksin adds to appeal

Pheu Thai securing a landslide victory after an eight-year break from power will be an uphill battle but the party has the public's confidence it can turn the tide in politics, says Nattawut Saikuar, director of the Pheu Thai Family project.

Winning more than 250 House seats in the next general election is a difficult target to have set itself because the political situation has changed, the former red-shirt leader said.

When an election is called, the party will be at a disadvantage on several fronts, but Pheu Thai can still rely on public confidence to turn the tables on the Prayut administration, he said.

"We must communicate to the people and make them see that the only way to defeat [Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha] and his people in an election is to secure a landslide victory," he said.

"And one pro-democracy party can do that, and that is Pheu Thai."

Mr Nattawut said he held talks with exiled ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, father of Paetongtarn Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Family project, who believes he will be a key player in securing a victory.

When asked about the Shinawatra family's dominance of the party, he said Pheu Thai has tried to address this issue and pointed out that it cannot win without policies that resonate with the people.

"However, the party has someone from the Shinawatra family, which adds to the party's strong points," he said.

"The main factors for the party's success are policies and achievements, while Thaksin does have a lot of admirers, which also helps develop trust."

Mr Nattawut said he hopes the Pheu Thai Family project will retain red-shirt members who are considering joining other parties, adding that no matter what they choose, he will always respect their decision.

He also said the party will give space to the red-shirt movement and bring their opinions before the party to show their voices are being heard, adding it must be open to political engagement.

"Their needs for engagement differ. Some want to contest an election while others are just happy to help and vote for the party in an election. We need to manage this."

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