Election Commission sets May 7 as date for next general election

Election Commission sets May 7 as date for next general election

The Office of the Election Commission (File photo)
The Office of the Election Commission (File photo)

The Election Commission (EC) has set May 7, 2023 as the date for the next general election, assuming the House of Representatives completes its term on March 23.

Section 102 of the constitution stipulates that the general election must be held within 45 days of the House finishing its term. 

Aside from setting May 7 as election day, the commission has set forth a tentative schedule as follows: 

-April 3-7 for the opening of candidacy applications

-April 11 as the last day for announcements of polling stations and the list of eligible voters

-April 14 for announcement of the list of election candidates

-April 16 as the last day for sending letters to notify house owners of the election of committees at polling stations 

-April 26 as the last day for any change to polling units and election venues and for the adding or withdrawal of names

-April 30 for advance voting in constituencies or outside constituencies 

-May 1-6 for voters to give reasons they may not cast their ballots

-May 1 as the last day to submit a petition regarding election candidates’ rights to stand in an election

-May 3 as the last day for the Supreme Court to consider candidates’ rights to apply in case election directors in constituencies refuse to accept applications

-May 6 as the last day for the election directors in constituencies to submit petitions to the Supreme Court about disqualification of candidates

-May 7 set as the election day

-May 8-14 for voters to give reasons for not casting ballots 

A source said the EC has drawn up the plan based on the assumption that the government completes its four-year term.

If Parliament is dissolved, the EC must set the election date at least 45 but not more than 65 days later, according to Section 103 of the charter.

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