Move Forward says 'no' to fresh election if Pita is disqualified

Move Forward says 'no' to fresh election if Pita is disqualified

The Move Forward Party (MFP) yesterday rejected the idea that a new general election should be held if party leader Pita Limjaroenrat is disqualified from becoming prime minister due to his media shares.

On Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam responded to questions over the possibility that the Constitutional Court could eventually rule against Mr Pita over his 42,000 shares in iTV, an independent broadcaster founded in the 1990s, thus disqualifying him.

Complaints are calling into question Mr Pita's status as a member of parliament and future prime minister, with growing speculation the ruling could also disqualify MFP candidates from certification.

Mr Wissanu responded to this by saying there could be a new nationwide general election in such a scenario.

However, MFP MP Rangsiman Rome yesterday said "everything has been arranged" to deal with the iTV shares controversy.

"Everything is well-prepared, and [there is] nothing to worry about," Mr Rangsiman said. "This is bullying in politics as the opposite side released the [iTV share] news during the election."

"I'd like to ask Mr Wissanu whether it is his goal to distract and manipulate senators to feel hesitant about supporting the MFP," Mr Rangsiman added. "If it is, it means he doesn't respect the decision of the people who exercised their right to vote."

Chusak Sirinil, deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party, said a new election is a distant matter as Mr Pita nominated MP candidates for the election in his capacity as party leader, making them unlikely to be affected by the iTV share controversy.

However, Sen Seree Suwanpanon said a new general election might be possible if Mr Pita is disqualified as an MP due to his media shares.

Sen Seree noted a new election should only be held in constituencies where the MFP won to reduce damage to the country.

In other news, government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said the caretaker government would continue its duty until a new premier forms a new cabinet, which is slated to be around August.

He said the certification of MPs must be made 60 days after an election before a House Speaker and premier are chosen.

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