Thaksin turns the tables on New Year cabinet reshuffle

Thaksin turns the tables on New Year cabinet reshuffle

A cabinet shake-up, originally planned to take place after the New Year holiday, is expected to be delayed until April or May, a Pheu Thai party source says.

The source said deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra wants a change in the line-up but he is "waiting for the right timing".

The source said a reshuffle is likely to take place in April or May, shortly before a political ban on 111 members of the dissolved Thai Rak Thai party is lifted.

"It will be hard for the banned politicians to justify a reshuffle call when one has already taken place," the source said.

"Unity will be ensured to push for a charter review and an amnesty plan."

The reshuffle is likely to involve more than five positions. The source said Thaksin wants to delay the reshuffle to reduce pressure on cabinet members who will have completed six months in office next month.

Thaksin wants to give them some time to work and prove themselves after the 2012 Budget Bill is passed, he said.

Pheu Thai's Sakda Khongphet, who is a member of a party committee monitoring the performance of cabinet members and MPs, said the panel will meet tomorrow to start an evaluation of the ministers. The result will be considered along with the party board's evaluation.Mr Sakda said Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will have the final say on a cabinet reshuffle. Pheu Thai spokesman Prompong Nopparit said a cabinet reshuffle will ensure better efficiency.

He denied there was a rift among economic ministers and said the rumours were an attempt to discredit the Pheu Thai Party and the government.

Pheu Thai MP for Roi Et Niramit Sujaree said the party should take over the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure efficiency in tackling problems for the poor. The ministry comes under the Chartthaipattana Party. But Mr Niramit said Pheu Thai would be better able to coordinate efforts in dealing with floods and land disputes.

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