STR: Call off 'illegitimate' election

STR: Call off 'illegitimate' election

The anti-government Student and People Network for Thailand's Reform (STR) on Wednesday demanded the Election Commission (EC) to put the Feb 2 general election on hold until national reform is in place.

STR coordinator Uthai Yodmanee repeated the demand from a loudspeaker truck outside the Thai-Japanese Stadium, the election candidacy registration venue.

He said the demonstrators were not a political mob, they were just people who came together because they wanted reforms to be made before the general election, now scheduled for Feb 2, 2014.

"The people are the ones who will call the election, not the politicians who cheat and embezzle," Mr Uthai said. "We want the EC to call off the election. It is not legitimate and there must be reform first."

He said police and soldiers must stay still because the protesters were not there to hurt anyone, just to tell the EC to set a new election date.

Meanwhile, the protesters led by the STR continued to surround the Sport Building 2 inside the stadium and used steel barricades brought in by authorities to set up a national flag.

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