Yingluck supporters told 'stay home'

Yingluck supporters told 'stay home'

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon on Thursday asked supporters of former Yingluck Shinawatra not to gather at parliament to show support when she appears before the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) on Friday to defend herself against impeachment over the rice-pledging scheme.

"Please don't come. We all are Thais.  It is not necessary to do so as it is widely known who is who concerning this matter.

"The NLA will handle this matter according to the law. People can send her their moral support from their homes or just make a telephone call. It's pointless to come," he said.

Gen Prawit, who is also defence minister and National Council for Peace and Order deputy chairman in charge of security affairs, was reponding to calls made in the social media for people to turn up at parliament to give moral suport to Ms Yingluck.

Ms Yingluck's lawyer confirmed yesterday that the former prime minister would appear before the NLA on Friday to defend herself against the impeachment motion over the rice-pledging scheme filed by the National Anti-Corruption Commission. 

Gen Prawit said police would be responsible for keeping law and order.

Asked whether the impeachment would affect the government, Gen Prawit said he did not think so.

He also did not expect any disturbance or unrest if the NLA voted to impeach her.

Asked if he was confident the NCPO would be able to handle the situation, Gen Prawit said: "Sure.  I will do everything allowed by the law to maintain peace and build reconciliation."

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