Soldiers assigned to help explain draft charter

Soldiers assigned to help explain draft charter

Soldiers have been assigned to various localities around the country to help explain the essence of the draft charter, Army commander-in-chief Gen Theerachai Nakwanich said on Thursday.

He said the soldiers would explain how people would benefit from the draft constitution written by the Constitution Drafting Committee. The draft is now being considered by the government and the National Legislative Assembly before going to a public referendum.

The soldiers would explain to people how the provisions in the draft charter would help eradicate corruption. They would also stress the government's intention of seeing the country undergo reforms.

At the same time they would listen to the people's grievances, Gen Theerachai added.

Asked if he had personally gone through all 270 sections of the draft charter, Gen Theerahai said he would mainly look into the parts which are related to the military, and would forward suggestions to Gen Prawit Wongsuwon, the deputy prime minister and defence minister.

The military would make suggestions because the draft charter can still be amended to satisfy all concerned parties. The constitution would belong to all, not any particular person.

Gen Theerachai said apart from regular soldiers, students undergoing territorial defence training courses would help disseminate the draft charter to people of their own age groups.

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