It’s time to DQ Your Child

It’s time to DQ Your Child

AIS introduces DQ to educate children on digital literacy and promotes cyber wellness for all Thais

Technology provides many benefits but it also affects our lifestyles, society and economy. The digital world is a vast expanse of learning and entertainment, and it can expose kids to many risks such as cyberbullying, technology addiction and obscene and violent contents.

Mr.Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer at Advanced Info Service Public Limited Company or AIS, addressed the issue of cyber wellness at Aunjai Cyber project launch. “As a digital-life service provider, AIS looks at social development and impact in great depths. While continually advancing AIS digital platforms for Thailand’s competitiveness, we care about the wellbeing of Thai people particularly young children. They need to have digital skills to navigate safely and constructively in the digital world. 

After reviewing cyber wellness practice in many countries, AIS selects DQ Institute in Singapore to offer DQ or Digital Intelligence Quotient to Thai children. DQ is the collection of social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enables individuals to deal with the challenges and demands of the digital life. DQ starts with eight-core digital citizenship skills: Digital Citizen Identity, Screen Time Management, Cyberbullying Management, Cyber Security Management, Digital Empathy, Digital Footprints, Critical Thinking and Privacy Management. Through DQ online learning platform, Thai children age 8-12 years old can self-learn DQ, become future-ready, smart and responsible digital citizen through fun and educational lessons. DQ is designed to empower children to be the master of technology, not its slave. Kids who have completed all DQ lessons will be more prudent, thinking before posting, questioning fake news, and knowing how to protect themselves against threats in social media.” 

Mr. Somchai emphasized, “DQ is a good learning tool, but what more important is everyone must understand the essence of digital literacy. Each of us has responsibility to teaching and grooming our children to be digital citizen. AIS is committed to educating DQ program and forming human network comprising families, schools and organizations working together to reinforce ethic and values to our children. All kids are welcome to test their DQ free of charge. I encourage parents and teachers to #DQYourChild for their digital literacy which will pave way to the sustainability of Thai society in the future.”            

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