June 5, 2019. Together stop smog and poisonous air for the quality of life

June 5, 2019. Together stop smog and poisonous air for the quality of life

June 5, 2019. Together stop smog and poisonous air for the quality of life and environment of Bangkok people on World Environment Day 2019

Mrs. Wiparat Chaiyanukit, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the BMA, Presided over a press conference to organize the World Environment Day 2019 at the 1st floor hall, Thani Nopparat Building,Bangkok 2 (Din Daeng), On the 5th of June every year.

The UN is designated as the World Environment Day. And established United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in order to conduct environmental activities so that the world realizes and conserves the environment. In the year 2019, the concept of air pollution reduction campaign or Beat Air Pollution under the campaign topic WE CAN T STOP BREATHING. BUT WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE QUALITY OF OUR AIR In the part of BMA, together cith UNEP and Central Group Company Limited and network partners establishment of the World Environment Day Campaign between 5 - 7 June 2019 at Eden area, 1st floor, Central World. For campaigning and awakening the public and all sectors to realize the problems that affect the environment and strengthen participation between the government, the private sector and the public to prevent and solve air pollution problems under the slogan "Stop smog and poisonous air for quality of life and the environment of Bangkok people"

By the activity between 5-7 June 2019, consisting of Wednesday 5 June 2019. Hoc is the discussion about air pollution affecting the quality of life and the national economy? On Thursday 6 June 2019. Title discussion on knocking hoc to prevent air pollution in the digital age. And on Friday 7 June 2019,Discussion in the topic Integrated cooperation to solve air pollution problems sustainably by qualified speakers. On the day of the event there are still Drawing and colouring contest for grade 4-6 students to win scholarships and receive certificates on the topic "My City Without smog and toxic air" And have activities to make inventions, create pieces from leftovers.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the BMA, said that every year, Bangkok tries to organize the event on a larger environmental day. By cooperation from various network partners in order to produce results both in Bangkok and its vicinity. Especially the PM 2.5 small dust problem caused by construction and burning weeds which is a major cause of air pollution problems. The real solution is to start yourself. Recognizing the importance of the problem. In order to start doing start to change may take time to produce results but if not starting today, there will be no next day. Also Pol. Gen. Asawin  Kwanmuang, Governor of BMA, There is also a policy of planting one hundred thousand trees. Which has been approved by the government as a Chalermprakiat  project Due to the royal coronation of His Majesty the King. The planting of 1 hundred thousand trees can not be completed without cooperation from all sectors in the planting and maintenance.

Therefore invite people to join the World Environment Day event and requesting cooperation from all sectors to realize air pollution solutions. Help to reduce the use of private cars, turn to use public transport.

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