“Royal Canin”, the manufacturer and distributor of dog and cat food from France

“Royal Canin”, the manufacturer and distributor of dog and cat food from France

“Royal Canin”, the manufacturer and distributor of dog and cat food from France, maneuvers “Take Your Pet to the Vet” campaign to educate general pet owners about the pets’ appropriate nutrition and their health prior to becoming ill.

The company has joined with Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation to find homes for stray cats. 

DVM. Chadon Suwanarit, Managing Director of Royal Canin (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leader of dog and cat health nutrition under “Royal Canin” brand from France, revealed that more new generation people had increasingly lived in condominium units which help pushing up the demands to keep a cat as their pet. This is because cat is an animal suitable for condominium lifestyle as it is easy to raise them. Cat does not make a lot of noise, causing no trouble to neighbors. Cat owners then like to keep cats as their companions, giving them love and care like they are family member. In order to respond to the hygienic way of raising cats and their good health, the company has focused on nutritional diets by emphasizing on educating cat lovers via any possible channels such as veterinary clinics, breeders, pet shops and online platforms.

“Royal Canin” has continuously underlined the importance of establishing the good relationship with cat owners through marketing and sale channels that match the behavior of pet owners. The company has collaborated with Cat Fanciers’ Club of Thailand (CFCT Club) to organize the 19th Thailand Cat Show 2019 during July 26th – 29th at the fourth floor of Central Plaza WestGate. Royal Canin will join the fair under the theme “Take Your Pet to the Vet” to educate owners about the pets’ appropriate nutrition and their health prior to becoming ill. There are also other activities by Royal Canin Club such as joining or watching the cat contest, supporting and helping to find a home for stray cats through Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation. Royal Canin cat foods at special prices are also available at the fair. 

Special highlight at the fair is the must-see largest cat contest which aims to promote and support the development of cat breeders so the contest will be open for international level and the general fun show. The contest features international cat contest CFA Cat Show 6 Rings, the international cat contest for all breeds TCC&FFF Cat Show (Fun Show) 4 Ring and the Black & Mackerel Cat Show.

DVM. Chadon said the cat food market has the trend to grow at higher rate than dog diet in this year until next year. Thailand has more than 12 million dogs and cats raised as family companions, 8 million of which are dogs and the rest of 4 million are cats. However, there are still many of stray cats so the company has volunteered to assist in the project to find new homes for cats through Rakmaw for Stray Cats Foundation since 2015. Until now, there are a total of 3,353 cats been adopted, 522 of which have been taken to a new home by joining the Thailand Cat Show.

“Generally based on the statistic, dog owners tend to bring their pets to see a veterinarian more than cat owners because they may think that cats are healthier than dogs. But in fact, cats have the chance to get sick at the same rate as other animals. Cat owners should take a good care of their pets which include a visit to the veterinarian for regular health check once or twice a year for their health examination, character and behavior observation, weighting, and vaccination. The veterinarian can recommend nutritional diets suitable to cats at different ages, breeds and follow up on their behavior in order to ensure that they will maintain good health at any age,” DVM. Chadon said.

Moreover, the company has developed an application, named “Royal Canin Club”, to help cat owners understand how to take better care of their pets. In the application, there will be useful knowledge based on cats’ ages, and breeds as well as their different demands provided by nutritionists and veterinarians. People interested in their pet’s health can download the application and register to be a member of Royal Canin Club. Besides, the knowledge, there will be many fun activities, including point accumulation, and reward redemption on products and services.

Royal Canin in France has been in operation for over 50 years since French veterinarian Monsieur Jean Cathary founded the company in 1968 as he realized about the significance of nutrition to the health of pets. Royal Canin products have been introduced to Thai market since 2005. The company has differentiated itself by emphasizing that all dogs and cats should be able to access to best nutrition from the first to the last meal in their lives. It also focuses on two main subjects. Firstly, knowledge comes along with love as natural behavior of dogs and cats will be studied before the development of food formulas. Secondly, dogs and cats are at the central point of the formula development to create diets best suiting the animals’ nature. Dogs and cats are the core for the company’s research and development as well as its science-based innovation. Moreover, its production standard from all corners of the world has also been strictly supervised.

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