Macquarie lists the first Hang Seng Index DWs in Thailand

Macquarie lists the first Hang Seng Index DWs in Thailand

Bangkok, 14 August 2019 – For the first time in Thailand, derivative warrants (DWs) are being issued over the Hang Seng Index (“HSI”). The HSI is the most widely quoted performance indicator of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK), the fourth largest stock exchange in the world. The DWs, issued by Macquarie Securities Thailand Limited (broker code DW28) will list and commence trading on 14 August 2019.

The launch of HSI DWs comes at a time when Hong Kong has been at the centre of global headlines and volatility in the Hong Kong market has been increasing. The four calls and four puts over HSI have varying strike levels ranging from 23,800 to 29,400, catering for DW investors with different risk appetites and views on the market outlook. Call DWs will be listed with the codes HSI28C1910A, HSI28C1910B, HSI28C1910C, HSI28C1910D and puts HSI28P1910A, HSI28P1910B, HSI28P1910C, HSI28P1910D.

The HSI is an index that tracks the performance of the 50 of the largest, most liquid stocks in the Hong Kong market including global names such as HSBC, Tencent and AIA group. 

“Our HSI warrants listed in Singapore and Malaysia have consistently been some of the most popular products with our clients, accounting for over 70% of turnover. This launch comes at an ideal time for investors in Thailand as macro-economic and political events including political protests, currency wars and US-China trade negotiations are creating great trading opportunities in the HSI,” said Dean Herbert, Head of Listed Product Distribution, Asia, Macquarie Commodities & Global Markets. 

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said “The listing of foreign index DW marks a milestone of SET’s product development that links to overseas and broadens investors’ trading opportunity in foreign stock market. It is expected that more DWs linked with foreign underlying assets will be issued in the future”

“With the relatively high levels of volatility in the HSI compared to other regional indices including the SET50, we expect this product to be very popular with Thai investors,” added Mr Herbert

Noppadon Duangthipnest, Head of Derivative Products, Thailand, Macquarie Commodities & Global Markets said, “The listing of HSI DWs, the first time DWs have been available over foreign underlying’s in Thailand, will provide investors with further opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and gain leveraged exposure to one of the most active markets in the world. DWs allow Thailand traders and investors to trade global markets from the convenience of the SET with their existing trading account”.

The warrants will be linked to the movements in the HSI futures price, which are listed and traded on SEHK. DW28 provides futures prices for the HSI, a Live Price Matrix, price charts and further details regarding this product on its website,

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