"Wuttisak" launches first pop-up concept store "Wuttisak Beauty Station" and "Magic Collection” with K-pop star Cha Eun-woo as a brand presenter

"Wuttisak" launches first pop-up concept store "Wuttisak Beauty Station" and "Magic Collection” with K-pop star Cha Eun-woo as a brand presenter

Wuttisak has recently shifted its focus to total ‘beauty living’ with the opening of Wuttisak Beauty Station, the first pop-up beauty concept store in Thailand at Ratchadamri BTS Station which offers unique beauty experiences.

The brand has also branched out to cosmetics with its first shower gel and body lotion collection called “Magic Collection” with popular Korean singer-actor Cha Eun-woo selected as a brand presenter.

“Today’s stores can’t just be a place that distributes products. They need to be about connectivity, human interaction as well as creating an entire experience that is authentic, memorable and of high quality,” said Gwyn Sundhagul, Chief Executive Officer of WCI Holding PLC, the operator of Wuttisak Clinic and Wuttisak Cosmetics.

According to Gwyn, Wuttisak Beauty Station is the first pop-up beauty concept store in Thailand with a space of 157 square meters in Ratchadamri sky train station. It is created as a materialized version of Wuttisak’s realm of beauty with its conceptual design inspired by neoclassical elements. 

“Wuttisak Beauty Station is part of our attempt to go beyond the traditional framework of beauty services. It is a new business model which has never before been implemented by any beauty solution provider in Thailand. Every part of the concept store was thoughtfully designed so that visitors and customers can experience, experiment and indulge in beauty products and services in a completely new and unique way,” said Gwyn.

Wuttisak Cosmetics’ Magic Collection consists of shower gel and body lotion products in four formulas: Omnia Vincit Amor, Semper Fidelis, North Star and Unicorn Tears – each representing one of Wuttisak’s key principles namely love, faithfulness, guidance, and providability and ability respectively.

“Magic Collection is the result of Wuttisak’s dedicated and thorough research and careful selection of ingredients to ensure that our customers are pampered with the best skin care. The enchanting allure of the collection is inspired by magical elements of fairy tales with a contemporary twist,” explained Gwyn.

The space inside the concept store is divided into several stores and exhibitions to appeal to consumers who are looking for a modern, creative and unique experience that is different from beauty shops or clinics in general. 

The 'experience' section is one of Wuttisak Beauty Station’s highlights as it is where the stories about Wuttisak Cosmetics and its products unfold through interactive and magic-themed displays whose concepts are intertwined with Magic Collection. 

The interactive compartments are surrounded by retail space and services, such as a ‘Beauty Café’ that serves healthy functional foods, snacks and beverages, an eyelash salon, a nail spa and a facial treatment parlor. 

Upon the launch of Magic Collection and Wuttisak Beauty Station, popular Korean idol 

Cha Eun-woo of the band ASTRO was selected as the brand’s presenter. The singer-actor has starred in a commercial film, which is set to be released via various media channels from this month onward.

An exclusive photo exhibition is held inside Wuttisak Beauty Station for fans of 

Cha Eun-woo to visit and see his exclusive photos that have never been published before. 

In addition, Wuttisak will enhance the omnichannel customer experience through the LINE official account of Wuttisak Cosmetics which offers a seamless range of services including a membership system, an online order placement mechanism and a reservation platform for services at Wuttisak Beauty Station.

“To ensure that Wuttisak can continuously address the various needs of consumers, Wuttisak also plans to develop and launch several new products through other collections in the future,” Gwyn concluded.

The launch event of Wuttisak Beauty Station and Magic Collection was joined by Miss Universe Thailand 2019 and Wuttisak’s latest brand ambassador Paweensuda “Fahsai” Drouin, teen idol Itthipat “God” Thanit, another Miss Universe Thailand 2019 contestant and “Face of Beauty by Wuttisak” Kansuda “Mimi” Chanakeeree and celebrity mother of two Navadee “Aom” Mokkhavesa. The stars were on stage to share their take on Wuttisak’s new offerings as well as the idea of beauty and how it can be nurtured from within.

The reigning Miss Universe Thailand revealed she was honored to be named the brand ambassador of Wuttisak Cosmetics and that the position has allowed her to share passion, guidance and knowledge about beauty to others. 

After visiting Wuttisak Beauty Station, Fahsai said, “The concept store is a great lifestyle choice that caters to the needs of beauty lovers, especially those who are busy individuals. You can easily stop by the store any time and get a total beauty makeover from head to toe. I personally love their facial treatment and nail spa the most. The staff are very friendly and professional. I also find the interactive showrooms which are inspired by magical stories very unique and interesting.”

“I believe beauty is what comes when we take good care of ourselves from inside to outside. And the great thing about Wuttisak Beauty Station is that it offers not only the services and products that refine our physical appearance, but a whole solution that helps nourish our beauty deeply from within,” revealed Itthipat “God” Thanit, “Here at Wuttisak Beauty Station, there is a variety of delicious and healthy food and beverage choices, such as acai bowl and 100% cold-pressed juice called ‘The Alchemy’ that we can indulge in guilt-free.” 

The actor also added that the shower gel and body lotion in Wuttisak Cosmetics’ Magic Collection have become his new favorite beauty items.

“The packaging is nice, and I love the fact that their formulas are unisex, smell amazing and rub in completely without leaving any sticky residue,” he said.

Kansuda “Mimi” Chanakeeree said “I personally like Wuttisak’s new collection and the themed concept store a lot because they give me a short escape to a fantasy world full of magic and pretty things. Most importantly, the products are made of beneficial ingredients that help cleanse and nourish skin while boosting skin radiance and moisture.”

The reigning “Face of Beauty by Wuittisak” also talked about her thoughts on the idea of beauty from within. 

“Self-confidence is the key to beauty. Today, it’s not just about genetics and physical features anymore. It is about how we take care of our health and beauty and how we perceive ourselves. Inner beauty is truly what makes you attractive and what allows 

a greater leeway to many life opportunities that shape our lives according to our own desires,” Mimi said. 

Another celebrity who joined the event Navadee “Aom” Mokkhavesa said, “I’m probably taking better care of myself than ever in terms of food, skin care and exercise to prevent my body from deteriorating and premature aging. Now that I have kids and they are now of the age that relies on me for stability, my routines have become predictable and I’m now stricter on time management. Wuttisak’s pop-up beauty concept on Ratchadamri BTS station which offers a total beauty solution is ideal for the life of modern moms like me. 

I could stop by the store to pick up my beauty products and have some beauty fun, and then resume my daily routine in a very short time. Before leaving, I may as well buy some healthy snacks and juices from the café and bring them home to my husband and kids.”

Also present at the launch party were celebrity guests: Kerika “Jinny” Chotivichit, Ascha “Pang” Charoenrasameekiat, Onchuma “Fay” Durongdej, Karnda Saitoom, Kamonporn Wongrukmit among others.

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of a surprise greeting video from 

Cha Eun-woo congratulating the launch of Magic Collection and Wuttisak Beauty Station. In the video, the popular Korean idol also asks for anticipation and support for Wuttisak and its upcoming commercial film.

Wuttisak Beauty Station is now open at Ratchadamri BTS Station. The 'Magic Collection' will be available in store at Wuttisak Beauty Station, Watsons, Eveandboy, King Power, and online channels such as Shopee, Lazada and Wuttisak Cosmetics website https://wuttisakcosmetics.com/

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