Ksher wins Excellence Service Awards from WeChat Pay, offers full payment gateway to help Thai shops reach Chinese tourists

Ksher wins Excellence Service Awards from WeChat Pay, offers full payment gateway to help Thai shops reach Chinese tourists

Bangkok (August 19, 2019) – Ksher, a leading fintech company, won the Excellence Service Awards at WeChat Pay Overseas Partner Conference 2019, reinforcing its strong partnership with WeChat Pay and its state-of-the-art financial innovation designed to cater to today’s cashless society.

Bangkok (August 19, 2019) –A 2018 Trends of Chinese mobile payment in outbound tourism conducted by global information and measurement company Nielsen shows that about 60% of Chinese tourists who were travelling in various countries around the world relied on mobile payment and about 90% of them would ask local shops whether they would accept mobile payments. The survey results clearly show that the behaviour of today’s Chinese tourists reflect the fact that their society has become largely cashless.

Mr. Premchai Kusolrerkdee, president of Ksher Payment Co., Ltd., said: Ksher is a fintech company that started with providing financial transaction services between Thai shops and Chinese e-wallet applications WeChat Pay and Alipay. The Ksher solutions make it easy for Thai shops to receive payments from their Chinese tourist customers while Chinese can pay in RMB Yuan, and merchants get local currency Thai Baht. 

In addition, Ksher has promotion campaigns to boost sales all year around, such as bonus and rebates to customers to encourage the Chinese buyers to make purchase decision easier or increase per-bill amount.

Ksher’s services cater to the behavior of Chinese tourists and help Thai shops expand their opportunities in capturing this group of customers, said Mr. Premchai.

“In addition, Ksher has developed its new system that accepts e-Wallet payment platforms used by Thai customers such as PromptPay and Truemoney with an aim to support Thai SME business to grow in the upcoming cashless society.” said Mr. Premchai.

Ksher currently provides six types of payment services in Thailand, based on the current platforms and needs of the retail business.

1. Static QR code signs can be placed in front of the shop for customers to scan and make instant payments. As no other equipment is required, this service is great for SMEs and small shops.

2. Ksher’s EDC machines are similar to typical EDC machines. They are easy to use and best for medium-sized shops with many branches that need to print out receipts for customers.

3. The POS integration system manages operations at the point of sale and other front-office tasks of the shop in a convenient way with reduced errors. The system also allows for an easy management of multiple outlets of the shop chain.

4. Dynamic QR code solution connects APIs with shop websites, allowing customers to make online payments by scanning the dynamic QR codes on the websites. The service is suitable for online shops and various ticketing businesses.

5. API integration and mobile payment system caters to shops with their own mobile applications. Customers make purchase by clicking the payment button and entering a password, without having to scan a code. 

6. Ksher Boss is a mobile application for the back-office cashier system. Its feature is the same as EDC machines, that allow shops to conveniently receive payments and check transactions at any time.

Ksher is providing financial transaction solutions for numerous Thai businesses which receive customers, including large shopping malls such as King Power, MBK, Premium Outlet and the Asiatique the Riverfront, and renowned retail shops and restaurants such as Jim Thompson, Boyy, Charles & Keith, Anello, Miniso, Godiva, Iberry, Kub Kao Kub Pla and After You.

Retail shops who are interested in using Ksher’s financial transaction service solutions to expand their business opportunities with Thai and Chinese tourist customers may apply for the services with no registration fee. Please call 02-150-0508 ext. 2 or use the LINE application contact @ksherservice or visit the website: www.ksher.com and Facebook page: KsherThailand.

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