Globally acclaimed national landmark “ICONSIAM”

Globally acclaimed national landmark “ICONSIAM”

Globally acclaimed national landmark “ICONSIAM” celebrates prosperous first anniversary with “The Celebrations of Glory ICONSIAM” mega event

Magnificent 3-day event features fun activities and phenomenal entertainment taking place from November 8 to 10, 2019

To further reinforce Thailand’s stature on the global stage and to showcase ICONSIAM as a Global Destination, the nationwide collaboration project to develop the Chao Phraya riverside and Thonburi communities known as “ICONSIAM” will celebrate its 1st anniversary as Thailand’s symbol of prosperity with “The Celebrations of Glory ICONSIAM”, featuring three days of ongoing celebrations, phenomenal activities and entertainment that will be a feast for the eyes of the world. The event will take place November 8-10, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at ICONSIAM – Charoen Nakhon Road.

According to Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Director of ICONSIAM Co., Ltd.: “We are very proud to have fulfilled our important mission announced seven years ago. We have proven that ICONSIAM is a game-changing destination which has successfully turned the Chao Phraya River and the Thonburi side of the city into one of Bangkok’s business and tourism hubs, spreading prosperity to surrounding communities and businesses while becoming a key factor behind the rapid rise of Thonburi as a metropolis. Additionally, ICONSIAM has been recognised for its major contribution to tourism as a new and powerful tourism magnet and global destination by the Chao Phraya River, attracting visitors from around the world and Thailand.”

With considerable investment and global marketing efforts, ICONSIAM has become a must-visit destination and has proven to be a project that contributes to the growth of the Thai economy. Moreover, it has been cited as a model retail development, where shared value has been successfully created, and prosperity introduced all levels from surrounding communities, to society, and the country with the nation’s sustainable economy and growth in mind. The Chao Phraya riverside destination, which features an elegant and sophisticated design, combines art and tradition by expressing them in exemplary ways as never before seen through infinite activities and entertainment by local, national, and global players alike. With its extraordinary retail outlets, restaurants and luxury hotels, ICONSIAM has impressed all visitors in its first blossoming year, and has truly reinforced its ‘the best of Thailand meets the best of the world’ concept.

“The great success of ICONSIAM is the result of the greatest collaboration of creative forces of our time. It’s from the hearts of thousands of Thais together with experts from four continents and 15 nations. They have contributed as the makers, the co-creators and the supporters. They are architects, engineers, interior decorators, artists, designers, businessmen and people from communities around the country. All the success and wonders of ICONSIAM today is credited to everyone involved in the project,” said Mrs. Chutrakul.

In celebration of its 1st anniversary, ICONSIAM has organised the mega super event “The Celebrations of Glory ICONSIAM. The ongoing celebrations will take place November 8-10, 2019 with dazzling light and sound spectacles on the Chao Phraya River that will be a feast for the eyes of the world and further reinforce its ‘the best of Thailand meets the best of the world’ concept.

On Friday November 8, enjoy the “Glory of ICONSIAM” show featuring a series of shows, comprising Rhythm of Success, Glory of Memories, and Happiness of Extraordinary, performed by professional actors and actresses including Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund. Guests can meet World-class singer Matteo Bocelli who will join the Grand Opening event of one of the Seven Wonders – TRUE ICON HALL (The True Icon Experiences of Imagination), alongside other popular Thai artists including Thiti Mahayotaruk, Nont Tanont and others. The venue, located on the 7th floor of ICONSIAM, is Thailand’s first-ever world-class conference centre, is designed to the highest international standards and has made Thai history with its seating capacity of 2,700. With its capacity to support conferences and appearances by world-renowned performers bolstered by best technology in Asia, TRUE ICON HALL will help make Bangkok a hub for international events and leading international shows. On Saturday November 9, revel in beautiful melodies performed by Thailand’s top diva, Mariam B5 and Q FLURE, then on Sunday November 10, delight in a mini concert by the crowd-pleasing Atom Chanakan.

At SIAM Takashimaya, the glorious 1st anniversary will be celebrated throughout November with the presentation of ‘Glory Hokkaido Celebration’, showcasing simulated versions of popular tourist attractions and landmarks of Hokkaido that visitors can explore up close. Highlights include a field of lavender and other colourful flora; an Ikebana exhibition; a Sapporo food hall complete with famous-name Hokkaido shops never before seen in Thailand; an exciting dance show by the Sapporo Yosakoi Soran, which are being flown in straight from Hokkaido just for the event; a giant 100-kg Maguro prepared by an award-winning chef; a mini concert featuring Ben Chalatit; and a super-special promotional contest with more than THB 1 million worth of prizes up for grabs.

Meanwhile SOOKSIAM, the town of Thai joy, is preparing seven Thai heroes to appear on the world stage to celebrate its 1st anniversary with “The Celebration of One Year of Seven Happinesses at Town SOOKSIAM of ICONSIAM”. Visitors can enjoy a host of activities, including Taste and Shop featuring 20 top business owners from over 40 shops-of-the-year along with performances by national artists such as Santi Lunpe, Buason Thanomboon, Banyen Rakgan, Kloaw Rojanamethakul and a concert from Ben Chalatit. And when the full-moon rises, everyone is invited to join in with the Loy Krathong tradition, plus a beauty contest for women in three age groups. All this takes place November 8-11, 2019. On November 9, outstanding community shops with strong sales that impress visitors by keeping them happy and promoting Thai identity on the world stage will be honoured at the LOCAL HERO awards, with local to Global OSMEP winners announced on November 10. Then on November 11, visitors are invited to take part in tradition Loy Krathong celebrations that feature a wide range of promotions and activities.

Come celebrate this mega success with exciting activities and entertainment at “The Celebrations of Glory ICONSIAM”, a 3-day celebration from November 8-10, 2019 at ICONSIAM, Charoen Nakhon Road. Admission is Free! Everyone is invited to join the world’s best super-event featuring a huge roster of historical performances. For more information, please call 1338 or visit

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