AIA Thailand Hails The Success Of AIA Centennial Run

AIA Thailand Hails The Success Of AIA Centennial Run

AIA Thailand Hails The Success Of AIA Centennial Run, A Great Walk-Run Event For Health And Charity, Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of AIA Group With Over 20,000 Attendees

AIA Thailand celebrated the 100th anniversary of AIA Group by organising "AIA Centennial Run", a great walk-run event for health and charity to emphasise the commitment to "Healthier, Longer, Better Lives".

Led by Mr. Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Thailand, 100 tough runners who are CI Survivors were among the total of over 20,000 participants. AIA Thailand ambassadors such as Mark-Prin Suparat, AIA Vitality Ambassador, Boy-Pakorn Chatborirak, AIA Unit Linked Ambassador, and Bob-Nattee Kosolpisit, AIA Prestige Ambassador joined the event, creating a phenomenon of passing on happiness and good health to Thai people nationwide. All proceeds from the event are donated to 10 charities to give back to society.

Mr. Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Thailand, said: "This year is another special year for the AIA Group as it has been conducting business in the Asia-Pacific region for a century. To celebrate this important milestone, each of the 18 countries in which AIA operates has participated in a variety of activities throughout the year, taking “100, For AIA Thailand” as the theme. Related events included the AIA Centennial Run, a big walk-run event for health and charity. Besides being an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of AIA Group, it continued the AIA Sharing A Life activity organised by AIA Thailand for the 6th consecutive year. Here the idea is to provide the opportunity for staff, agents, customers, and the public to do good for society through various activities organised by AIA Thailand every year. We can see the success in the total of over 20,000 participants in the AIA Centennial Run. This shows that Thai people nowadays see the importance of health care. All proceeds from the event are given to 10 charitable organisations to help support society to be better off.”

At the AIA Centennial Run, The Baton – a symbol of centennial celebration was forwarded to AIA Hong Kong, which is the headquarters of the AIA Group.

AIA Thailand would like to thank all the over 20,000 Thai people for their cooperation in creating history amid the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of AIA Group. We especially thank all our various partners who did so much to give back to society at the AIA Centennial Run. 

Meanwhile, AIA continues to focus on improving both the health and quality of life of people throughout Asia Pacific while developing society in each country in which AIA conducts business with a view to sustainable growth and as per the brand promise of 'Healthier, Longer, Better Lives'.

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