OMD Thailand appoints Issarisa Khamswas as Head of Strategy

OMD Thailand appoints Issarisa Khamswas as Head of Strategy

OMD Thailand has appointed a Head of Strategy to lead on the agency’s overall strategic delivery across all clients.

Issarisa Khamswas returns to OMD to take on the new role, having been with the agency in a digital and strategy capacity from 2013 to 2018. 

Working closely with Roxanne Somboonsiri, OMD Thailand’s Managing Director, and Gavin Gibson, OMD’s Chief Strategy Officer for Asia-Pacific, Khamswas will be responsible for placing insights-based strategy at the heart of OMD’s client solutions. A key component of this will be the global network’s new end-to-end planning process, OMD Design – the continued on-ground development of which she will lead, in line with the emerging requirements of Thailand’s advertisers.

In addition to elevating the strategy agenda, Khamswas will champion the global network’s new end-to-end planning process, OMD Design, and lead on its continued development in line with emerging requirements of Thailand-based advertisers. 

“OMD’s new planning process is by far one of the most advanced and robust in the history of our industry,” comments Khamswas. “I am excited to return to the agency at such an exciting time for the network and our industry, working with the latest tools and resources to make our clients’ communications more effective than ever.”

Somboonsiri adds: “We’re delighted to have Izzy back onboard to lead on our strategic product, as we continue to make strides in building an agency model that anticipates and delivers on the future needs of our clients in Thailand. She will ensure we unlock the full potential of our latest capabilities and new planning process, allowing our clients to make Better Decisions, Faster that ultimately yield stronger business outcomes.”

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