Vitamin Drip with Instant Immune Boosting Protection Against COVID-19

Vitamin Drip with Instant Immune Boosting Protection Against COVID-19

The corona virus, or Covid-19, is a new virus with a high number of deaths around the world which continues to evolve and expand. Although there is currently no confirmation from the medical community of any drugs that can cure corona virus 100%, we can protect ourselves from it in various ways. An effective and sustainable protection is to emphasize personal self-health care in order to build immunity for oneself.

Dr. Panassaya Suppasansatorn Ph.D., TRIA Pharmacy Manager, says, “There are many ways to strengthen your immune system. They start with eating habits and consuming enough healthy foods, getting good rest, and exercising properly. However, for those who do not have much time to take care of themselves or those who are at risk of being infected with the disease such as medical personnel getting an intravenous vitamin drip might be the most suitable answer.” 

"First of all, you need to understand what immunity is," says Dr. Panassaya. She further explains that, “Immunity is a system made up of many structures and biological processes. It helps shield the body from germs and foreign objects. For examples, the structure of the skin helps defend against germs entering the body. Or in case of germs passing through the skin into the bloodstream, the body formulates various white blood cells to destroy foreign objects especially pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. In fact, our body naturally has an immune system that has been carried since birth and automatically generates immunity when it is exposed to natural bacteria. If the same infection enters the body again, it can eliminate it by itself without it causing disease. An example is chicken pox which once it has occurred does not return. Covid-19, though, is considered a new strain of pathogens that the body has never been exposed to before so we are unable to immediately resist this virus. Particularly the elderly and people with chronic illnesses or who already have underlying diseases have a higher chance to be infected with the Covid-19 virus compared to other people.”

“The vitamin drip assists immunity in the form of injection into the body. It acts immediately and passively to promote immunity with immunoglobulin. Studies by Dr. Panassaya have identified up to seven vitamins that have mechanisms to strengthen immunity and which can be used together to increase efficacy.”

The seven Vitamins and their benefits are as follows:  

  • Vitamins A, C and E increase white blood cells and help capture free radicals that destroy immune cells.
  • Vitamin B helps the immune system respond more quickly
  • Vitamin D contributes synthesis and production of anti-autoimmune substances
  • Zinc and Selenium assist the division of white blood cells.

Dr. Chakarin Suchakaro, Plastic Surgeon at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at TRIA Medical Wellness Plastic Surgery Department, added, “That dripping vitamins to boost immunity in the body is not new to the medical community though it is not widely known about. People are aware of the use of vitamin drips to nourish and brighten the skin. However, a vitamin drip can strengthen the immune system. It can build self-immunity from various diseases. It can also help the body quickly heal from injuries.”

Previously, Dr. Chakarin applied this treatment to surgery patients. 

“Whether diabetic or cosmetic and plastic surgery patients, the results have been very satisfactory,” he said. “They both want their wounds to heal very quickly with a short recovery time. They both want to be safe from complications that could occur if the patient’s immunity is low.”

“Besides the convenience that the patient does not need to buy lots of vitamins and try them out themselves, the important thing with vitamins drips is safety. A basic health examination is required before the treatment each time and the medication component must always be done by a medical professional.”

“Dripping vitamins to strengthen immunity is a way to take good care of yourself during the outbreak of Covid-19,” says Dr. Chakarin. “The key to disease prevention is to pay more attention to your health care in order to build up your immune system. Not only does it help protect against Covid-19, it also improves your quality of life. You have less chance of illness and can live longer with your loved ones.”

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