Fitness First Thailand and Celebrity Fitness Thailand Bring Fitness

Fitness First Thailand and Celebrity Fitness Thailand Bring Fitness

to the world to fight the pandemic crisis via Facebook LIVE for free and for all

Fitness First Thailand and Celebrity Fitness Thailand Bring Fitness to the world 

to fight the pandemic crisis via Facebook LIVE for free and for all

Isolation at home has become the new normal for many as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. But working and staying at home need not be an obstacle to keeping fit and healthy. Everyone can still join a workout class right at home through daily live online workout classes provided by Fitness First Thailand.

Fitness First (Thailand) and Celebrity Fitness Thailand, under Evolution Wellness (Thailand) Company Limited, have complied with the Thai government’s order to suspend their operations to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Despite its temporary closure, the club refuses to stand still in this time of global health crisis and is doing its part to keep the world healthy by launching Group Fitness LIVE Class at Home project. Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness members and anyone stranded at home can take self-isolation as an opportunity to train with Superstars and StarMakers who are professional fitness trainers. Simply join the free, daily classes organised for the first time in Thailand and broadcast live via Facebook Live on Fitness First Thailand and Celebrity Fitness Thailand Facebook pages. 

Fitness First Thailand is the first fitness club during the virus outbreak to take action by organising free online exercise classes via Facebook Live. Originated in Thailand, the live classes have already been well received by members and the general public alike, with around 200,000 views for each session. The classes are also being shared in several countries around the world through Fitness First’s social media platform. They are available to everyone for free, not only Fitness First members. 

The clubs have extended the work force and hours for its call centre service in order to answer any enquiries members may have, while also providing fitness consultants for members. Its team also reaches out to members via phone to encourage them to participate in online classes and stay healthy. Personal trainers also contact their clients to give advice and consultancy and encourage them to exercise at home during this time. This protocol helps limit the need for commuting and gathering and so promotes the safety of both members and staff.

During the pandemic, it is crucial for everyone to exercise so they remain fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. These online classes mean that people can join a workout everyday wherever they are. They can have a solo workout or invite friends and family members to join. Group Fitness LIVE Class at Home presents fun and exciting classes that everyone can easily join from the comfort of their own home. Classes include DNA RAW dance. Or you can relieve stress with Gentle Flow Yoga. New classes are being added all the time. 

Classes are available today through Fitness First Thailand at Facebook Live on and Celebrity Fitness Thailand Facebook page. 

Join the classes and keep up to date with the timetable on and

Fitness First: call 02-118-6665 or visit and Celebrity Fitness; call 02-118-6677 or visit

Group Fitness LIVE Class at Home with DNA FLAVOR and PT AT HOME (CORE)

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