Taiwan leads telemedicine solutions to COVID crisis

Taiwan leads telemedicine solutions to COVID crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect opportunity for Taiwan to propose its telemedicine (medical services via Internet) solutions that martial artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies to the cause of detecting and treating patients who contract the virus.

To this end, the Taiwan Trade and Export Promotion Council has compiled a list of Telehealth products from companies awarded "Taiwan Excellence" accreditation that are being featured at medical technology exhibitions around the world. 

The range of platforms covers Telehealth management systems, Telehealth nursing, and Telemedicine.

“The COVID-19 virus outbreak has proven highly contagious leading to grave concerns at the ease with which infection can be passed on at hospitals and clinics in particular,” observes Walter Yeh, President and CEO of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). “It’s not just the COVID patients who are placed in jeopardy but all the medical workers and everyone who seeks treatment at hospital with whatever ailment.”

“This is where Taiwan’s telemedicine technology comes in because it can sharply reduce the opportunity for infection. What’s more, it can give more patients direct access to the top doctors and nurses and it saves considerable expense both for the patients and medical service providers.”

The global market value of telemedicine is set to rise from US$38.3 billion in 2019 to US$130.5 billion in 2025, according to a survey undertaken by Global Market Insights. That’s a compound average growth rate of 19.2 percent. 

“The pandemic crisis is causing doors to close one after another around the world but telemedicine opens a window of hope,” continues Walter Yeh. 

“Because Taiwan can integrate strengths in information, communication, and medicine it is uniquely well-equipped to create telemedicine platforms that make a real difference. By combining AI with big data we can integrate medical information systems with image analysis to ensure the most accurate diagnoses and treatment of patients in their own homes, without the need to risk travel to places already rife with COVID and either pass it on or contract it.”

In terms of telehealth management, Leadtek Research Inc., one of the Taiwan Excellence enterprises, is at the fore. It has created a body-mind health management platform combining wearable bracelet with armour that monitors personal data like sleeping records, fatigue index, cycle index, and a physical stress index. The data is interpreted to make risk predictions, predict individual trends, and suggest ways to boost self-management.

In terms of telehealth, nursing, health evaluation and exercise improvement, the smart system developed by Netown Healthcare Experience is the first in the country to integrate enhancement training like muscle wasting evaluation and muscle coordination, in a single machine through AI smart exercise prescriptions. It is effective in reducing the risk of disability in the aged category. 

The Rightest Precision Health Combined Care Circle, created by Bionime Corporation, collects and analyses electronic data through digital health service stations and converts it into easily-read information charts. The powerful and strong telecare nursing service provides professional medical hospitals and clinics with excellent solutions for institutional care management, and follow-up care outside of the institutions.

Meanwhile, the Horus Scope Digital Handheld Tonometer developed by Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. is available to physicians and optometrists. Electronic medical records can be produced through digital photography or video recording. The image can be transmitted to the physician located remotely for diagnosis. A point-of-care analyser developed by iXensor Inc. interprets glycated haemoglobin and blood fat in fingertip blood from the front lens on the mobile device. It takes only three minutes and the data is uploaded to the cloud and the medical record system at the same time. This allows medical and nursing personnel to diagnose more rapidly and without limitation of distance. In other words, it is tremendously useful during the pandemic. 

2020 Taiwan Excellence Award – Bionime Corporation “Rightest Precision Healthcare Ecosystem”

@Thanks to the full support of the Taiwan government, coupled with transparent information, industrial strengths, and collaboration between medical professionals, Taiwan presents its strength in the medical industry, Taiwan is at the forefront of COVID-19 global prevention efforts,” continues Yeh.

As it continues to develop the medical industry in Taiwan, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council will hold a "Taiwan International Medical and Healthcare Exhibition" at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 October 15-17. 

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. – “Horus Scope Digital Eye-Fundus Camera” was exhibited at TAIWAN EXPO 2019 in Philippines and attracted great attention.

Taiwan Excellence will also lead award-winning businesses to participate in the American Association for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Laboratory Equipment Exhibition in July, ASEAN Senior Care & Wellness Expo in Malaysia in August, and MEDICA in Germany in November, to assist domestic manufacturers in expanding their business opportunities.

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