AIS establishes 5G at CTW

AIS establishes 5G at CTW

AIS joins forces with CTW by establishing 5G to create “NOW Normal” to welcome back Thais to the mall.

Following the government by the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), it was announced to ease business and activities in the phase 2 measures, resulting in department stores and shopping centers being ready to return opening again. With this, AIS and Central World Shopping Center have brought the potential of 5G technology to fully enhance the safety and hygiene of the people, including the establishment of a 5G network that covering all areas, and using the ROC and AIS K9 robots, which operate on the Live Network 5G to help deliver screening and temperature checking tasks immediately, moreover with high accuracy to decrease close contact and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Besides, it also meets new lifestyles with NOW Normal by the establishment of 5G technology to create a new standard for sustainable recovery and side by side with the business sector and Thai society.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS's Chief Consumer Business Officer, said, "As noticed, one of the phenomena that happened during the last lockdown period was the dedication to seek for Digital Solutions to meet the lifestyle based on a new standard of living or NOW Normal. Due to the accelerated change, it also brought new demand for an immediate response. Technology is, consequently, an essential tool for each business to use appropriately and handle the situation in real-time. AIS, as a digital service provider, we are committed to helping our customers and the Thais to use our network and services uninterrupted, especially the 5G technology that we have continuously emphasized to enhance tangible efficiency for the industrial sector."

"Today, the retail business is one of the central service businesses in the country that will provide to the economy as a people's lifestyle center, including rapid adaptation to the New Norm. As a partner, we have joined forces with CTW to develop digital solutions from the 5G technology with high power, in terms of high-speed internet, which includes Speed, responding to immediate command or Low Latency, able to connect to multiple IoT devices or IoT Connectivity. It is emphasizing the establishment of tangible 5G technology to meet all lifestyles."

The first phase of cooperation is as follows:

1. Establish the 5G network covering all areas to increase AIS customers to use service efficiency, both on the 4G and 5G networks.

2. Bring the ROBOT FOR CARE (ROC) to help screening and temperature monitoring before entering the shopping center. According to AIS, this robot is a medical service robot that works as a medical assistant for COVID-19 patients in the hospital, which has provided support under the mission of AIS 5G to combat COVID-19 earlier. It also included the AIS K9 robot, which provides alcohol gel services around the shopping area that operate at the full LIVE Network 5G.

3. Providing essential hygiene and safety measures for customers using the AIS Shop such as to measure body temperature, alcohol gel service, and install acrylic boards in the transaction area, manage traffic for using services according to the Social Distancing measure, screening the health of service staff, including wearing protective equipment, as well as cleaning the AIS Shop all the time for the peace of mind for customers.

"We firmly believe that cooperation from all sectors, including the people, public community, government, and the private sector will positively help relief and lead Thailand to move past this crisis." Mr. Pratthana concluded.

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