Chia Tai volunteers support communities by helping to meet their nutritional needs

Chia Tai volunteers support communities by helping to meet their nutritional needs

Chia Tai recently held a volunteering activity under its “Chia Tai Volunteer Project” corporate social responsibility initiative whereby its staff join forces to make a difference in the community during the crisis.

As many as 50 Chia Tai volunteers assisted in packing and distributing nutritious and healthy food boxes, including fresh melons from Chia Tai Farm, for people in communities surrounding Chia Tai Headquarters on Sukhumvit 60. The CSR initiative demonstrated the company’s commitment to promoting food security and alleviating the suffering in communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The activity was supported by Phrakhanong District Office and Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC) with general public announcement and facilitation including taking full COVID-19 precautionary measures.

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