Try Thai Fine Dining in Bangkok for an Elegant New Experience

Try Thai Fine Dining in Bangkok for an Elegant New Experience


In Thailand, the hub of Thai fine dining is the city of Bangkok, of course. This cosmopolitan capital city of Thailand is the vibrant and colourful location of many quality restaurants representing most of the most popular cuisines in the world.

It makes perfect sense that restaurants featuring Thai cuisine fine dining would compete against quality French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Mexican and Korean restaurants as well. 

But many new visitors to the city simply don’t know enough about Thai cuisine to realize that there are so many varieties of dishes within the single cuisine, never mind that Thai food even has 'Thai fine dining'. 

Foreign visitors have been brain-washed by the popular international media into thinking that Thai food is the same as thing as street food. Street food is what foreign journalists see, taste, and write about when they walk down the streets of Bangkok. Food shows, like those hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain, also have a love affair with the street food of Thailand, and Bangkok in particular.  

Foreigners have been captivated by the “rustic” and “humble” versions of foods like Pad Thai and green curry. These well-meaning journalists have misinformed them that this food, while delicious in its own right, is the best that Thailand has to offer.  

Exploring the Extent of Thai Cuisine


But for tourists and visitors making the capital city of Bangkok one of their destinations on their trip to Thailand, you have an opportunity to explore far beyond the opinions of popular media. You can discover for yourself the depths of what Thai fine dining in Bangkok can teach you about Thai cuisine.

This type of dining is becoming more and more popular with both locals and tourists. It's a discipline defined by generations of Thai chefs cooking for the Kings and Royal Families of Thailand and foreign visiting dignitaries to the palaces of Thailand.


Using the Bounty of Thailand

Thai fine dining in Bangkok is generally based on ancient dishes that were prepared in the kitchens of the Royal Palaces and handed down over the generations from chef to chef. These recipes used only the freshest and finest of ingredients grown, caught and raised in Thailand including, pork, seafood, duck, chicken, a bounty of fresh vegetables and grains, and an intricate blend of herbs and spices.  

The dishes each sought to deliver an overall balance to the ingredients and flavours they featured, for this is the heart of what Thai cuisine aims to attain in all its dishes.

The recipes often require complicated and time-consuming preparations that make them unsuitable for every day serving at home. They are reserved for a special occasion.  

These dishes have been re-discovered and re-imagined by restaurants featuring Thai fine dining in Bangkok, much to the delight of food-lovers both local and foreign. 

On your next trip to Bangkok, pay a little less attention to what the journalists of the world have to say about Thai cuisine and take your own journey. Explore Thai fine dining in Bangkok and gain an entirely different perspective of Thai cuisine.   

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