Megabangna strengthens its leadership position as the “Meeting Place” of Eastern Bangkok

Megabangna strengthens its leadership position as the “Meeting Place” of Eastern Bangkok

by welcoming Central Department Store as the newest anchor tenant, providing even more parking, and building a large nature-inspired children’s playground with an ultra-chic water feature.

Along with many great marketing campaigns and activities planned for the second half of 2020, the city’s largest and most dynamic shopping centre is geared for success.

Megabangna, Eastern Bangkok’s largest and most fun shopping centre, reveals its business strategy for the second half of 2020. With heavy emphasis on lifestyle shopping that caters to every aspect of customer wants and needs, the “Meeting Place” concept behind Megabangna has been improved with many customer-oriented additions to better fulfil fun and exciting shopping experiences for visitors. 

Megabangna is proud to welcome its newest anchor tenant, Central Department Store, which replaces Robinsons Department Store. The over 13,000 sqm of prime retail space gives customers more selections and quality that is synonymous with Thailand’s leading retailer. 

In addition, the 3rd quarter of 2020 will see the addition of many more fashion and lifestyle brands to the already long list of stylish and trendy shops at Megabangna.

Megabangna is full steam ahead with building the newest parking structure to ensure the comfort and convenience of shoppers. Major renovations of the shopping centre are underway, both inside and out, to create the latest and the most up-to-date shopping environment possible. Along with physical improvements to the shopping centre, the development of more attractive marketing campaigns and promotions are underway to optimise Megabangna’s value-added commitment to customers while promoting more spending to propel business forward.

Paphitchaya Suwandee, Managing Director of Megabangna said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us in an unprecedented fashion. We have never in our lives experienced such a detrimental hit to our health, economy and livelihoods before. However, the people of Thailand are resilient and the Thai economy will slowly regain its strength as businesses will learn how to adapt to a new way of life. When Megabangna first reopened its doors after the shutdown, we made it our duty to promote government health policies, along with new cleaning and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of our customers. Our proactive strategy regarding “new normal” safety protocols helped create more confidence for our many returning customers. This success was largely due to the cooperation of all our retail shops and tenants. With such great collaboration, we were able to offer peace of mind to every one of our guests.” 

Looking forward to the business strategy for the second half of 2020, Megabangna aptly adjusts its “Meeting Place” concept to be even more responsive and offer more than just an ordinary shopping centre experience. Megabangna builds on its strengths as the largest shopping and lifestyle destination in Eastern Bangkok for families and friends to enjoy fun and quality time together. These measures for enhancing its “Meeting Place” offerings include:

1. Adding more fashion and lifestyle shops and brands to lead today’s customer trends

2. Building a new parking structure and improving the Shopping Centre to offer more convenience and enhance shopping experiences      

3. Developing more value-added marketing promotions and campaigns to optimise customer benefits, spending, and satisfaction

New Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Offerings to Meet the Latest Customer Trends

Megabangna is proud to welcome Central Department Store. With this new addition, Megabangna heightens the level of shopping experiences with Thailand’s leading retailer, Central Department Store, from that of the former Robinsons Department Store. Customers, especially those of whom are young working professionals and those with young families, possess high purchasing power. They will be able to partake in elevated shopping and lifestyle experiences in an all-new massive three-storey, 13,000 sqm. department store setting. Offering high-end, domestic, international fashion brands and merchandise along with exclusive “Only@Central” finds, shoppers can enjoy over 400 popular brands from the time of opening on 2 July 2020, and can expect over 1,000 brands by the year’s end. 

“We are excited and extremely pleased to welcome Central Department Store as our newest anchor tenant. We fully support our latest addition to the Megabangna family as it will serve as a magnet to draw more shoppers and customers in from all around the city. Together, we aim to elevate the shopping experiences at Megabangna and emphasise our great capacity as the largest, most fun and exciting ‘Meeting Place’ in all of Eastern Bangkok. From 2019 figures, there were over 50 million customers that visited Megabangna. This indicates that we do in fact, have the ability to draw in a significant number of shoppers annually. From the data, we have also established that our loyal customers possess high purchasing power and are the fundamental backbone that drives our success. This is the motivation behind our constant improvement to meet and exceed our customer expectations. In addition, our Megabangna customer base can now enjoy even more new and exciting shopping experiences that highlight convenience, value and safety,” added Paphitchaya Suwandee.”

“With this, Megabangna is still moving forward to expand and improve the variety of retail shops and restaurants to meet the many diverse needs and trends of our wide customer base. Especially for those with young families who are looking for more than an ordinary shopping experience, we offer happiness and satisfaction for each and every member of the family.”

“The changes made in the shopping centre demonstrate one of our key strategies which is to ensure customer satisfaction on all levels. ‘Top of Mind’ is all about choosing the most adequate and best-fit shops that meet the needs of every type of shopper who walks through the door. It is this attention to detail that has allowed Megabangna to be the leader in Eastern Bangkok for fun and exciting shopping experiences. We give the utmost importance and highest priority to the selection of every brand, shop and restaurant in the shopping centre in order to create ultimate lifestyle concepts. With our new endeavour with Central Department Store, the decision is proof of our vision for the long term. This integral change ensures that our customers will always have the best shopping experiences for many years to come. Together with all of our other excellent tenants, we provide convenience, comfort and quality to keep our customers returning to Megabangna. Our carefully calculated measures will strengthen the core business for every stakeholder. Moreover, we have elevated the shopping experience with the addition of two of long-awaited cosmetic brands, Dior and YSL. Improvements to our shopping centre are continuous and in the 3rd quarter of 2020, there will be even more customer favourites to explore and enjoy at Megabangna,” said Paphitchaya Suwandee.

Additional Parking Spaces and Improvements to the Shopping Center to Enhance the Shopping Experience

Megabangna is still in the process of constructing a new eight-storey parking building which will add an additional 2,000 parking spaces for customers. With a dedicated budget of over 1 Billion Baht allocated to this undertaking, the expected completion date is early 2021. Upon completion, Megabangna will be able to accommodate over 12,000 cars.    

Megabangna is also renovating the outdoor area of the Mega FoodWalk Zone with a Scandinavian Playground concept that will be home to a new large natural playground for children, a lusciously flowing Stream Valley, and a Sand Dune sandbox. All set in a green garden with leafy canopy for fun family time, this hard-to-find oasis in the city is intended to bring loved ones together. Over 50% completed, visitors of Megabangna can now experience a portion of the new playground area and can expect to enjoy it in its entirety in September 2020.

Special Benefits for Customers by Providing Value-Added Marketing Campaigns with Partners and Tenants to Drive Spending and Sales

For the second half of 2020, Megabangna is still in line with its Social Distancing safety protocol which has shifted the marketing campaign approach from lifestyle events with loads of customers in one setting, to a more mindful alternative that coincides with the “new normal” and alternative shopping methods emphasising sales of individual shops and restaurants while upholding social distancing safety standards. This new way of shopping 1) offers the most value for customers and 2) boosts sales for shops and restaurants.

Megabangna is also strengthening collaborations with Online Delivery Platforms. For example, LINE Man has created different promotions and campaigns to make the dining delivery experience very convenient for Megabangna customers. These strategic partnerships offer new ways to expand on the sales potential for our restaurants in the shopping centre.

Paphitchaya Suwandee concludes by saying, “With all the adjustments that we have made to our business strategies and marketing promotions, we are certain that they match our customer needs and reflect Thailand’s current economy which is slowly but surely gaining strength and moving in a positive direction. During this COVID19 situation, Megabangna has what it takes to proactively provide our customers with the most relevant and in-demand lifestyle, shopping and dining offerings. We are confident that our new approach will attract a new group of customers in 2020 while helping to stimulate spending among Thai consumers in order to help strengthen the state of our nation’s economy, ultimately driving sales for our tenants so that we may all grow together and achieve long-term viability.”  

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