AIS celebrates 30 years with three knowledge-based projects

AIS celebrates 30 years with three knowledge-based projects

AIS, through the AIS Academy, is continuing its Mission to “Kid-Pua” for Thai people, by hosting AIS Academy for Thais: JUMP THAILAND, a Hybrid Event (On-Ground and Virtual Live Event).

AIS teamed up with leading partners from the government sector, the educational sector and the private sector to drill down on three topics: innovation, professional skills and self-development. The intention is to help Thais overcome the crisis and achieve new lifestyles through three programs that will ultimately reinvigorate Thai people’s lives and help Thailand revive sustainably.

The programs are: 1. JUMP to Innovation: “Jumping” for superiority through Thai innovation for the country’s sustainability, 2. JUMP over the Challenge: “Jumping” over challenges into a self-created occupation, and 3. JUMP with EdTech: “Jumping” to upgrade learning without limits by reskilling over digital platforms.

Kantima Lerlertyuttitham, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Advanced Info Service Plc. and Intouch Holdings Plc. commented, “To be consistent with the changed social context, our mission to ‘Kid-Pua’ on this occasion is different than previously. Our technological capabilities are the linking factors between Thais in every location who are enabled to access knowledge without limitations. In particular, we have the potential of 5G technology to efficiently address the issue of Thais’ access to knowledge on a broad scale. In destroying familiar frameworks of thinking, these three principles are factors that enable us to ‘jump’ higher than ever to overcome the crisis. We are deploying technology and innovation for sustainability as factors to deal with the rapidly changing situation.”

The three programs encouraging Thai people to JUMP to new lifestyles comprise: 

1.JUMP to Innovation: Inviting Thai people to come together in thinking up innovations to address vital national problems through the program JUMP Thailand 2021. This is in the format of a competition of brainstorming, presenting the results in the form of

a hackathon, and incubation of innovation. (Follow additional details and suggest a problem topic which you think should be addressed quickly at from now onward.)

2.JUMP over the Challenge: Continuing progress with new knowledge and occupational skills through the project “Volunteering to Develop Occupations” whereby Thai people can learn with free access. This program creates opportunities for Thai people by way of supplementary occupations and creates income through the transfer of skills and knowledge by generous volunteers. (See more details and apply to join the program through the Facebook page AIS Academy for Thais or the YouTube channel AIS Academy from now onward.) 

3. JUMP with EdTech: With awareness of how the digital disruption trend is continually changing the behaviour of people and society, AIS Academy has developed the learning platform LearnDi for Thais. This platform disseminates knowledge for lifetime learning, realizing the importance of improving learning at all stages of the process. To launch the program ‘The Tutor Thailand’ AIS has teamed up with partner organizations to develop youth groups at the school level. People with knowledge and ability in many fields have been invited to upgrade learning among Thai youth. (Follow additional details and apply to join the program at

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