TRUE unveils the first digital eco-uniform, 100% eco-friendly

TRUE unveils the first digital eco-uniform, 100% eco-friendly

TRUE unveils eco-friendly uniform, the first of its kind in Thailand, under the concept “Green Digital”, igniting the Circular Economy and sustainable management movements, while introducing TRUE 5G

TRUE Group maintains its image as the leading tech and digital lifestyle company, unveiling Thailand’s “first eco-friendly uniform” that reflects the company’s responsibility for the environment through employee uniforms in True Shops.

With its “From Waste to Wear” concept, the eco fashion uniform is made 100% from eco-friendly materials comprising recycled PET plastics and cotton.

The uniforms are comfortable and have a simple and neat design created by a famous designer, Preedakorn ‘Bank’ Metkriengchai from RAMS (The Personal Style Creatives), with his special talent for delivering brand messages through designs. He repainted the TRUE logo by hand using the gradient method which stops the colour from fading for a long period of time. 

The uniforms also come with an Augmented Reality badge that can be scanned by smartphones using True5G AR application, offering customers various deals and privileges. 

“First eco-friendly uniform” reflects TRUE’s determination in conducting new forms of business that not only focus on developing technology but also shows responsibility toward society and the environment. Thus solidifying TRUE’s  status as a leading tech company that is recognised by the international community. It is also a worthy member of DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index), as it has been for three consecutive years. Indeed, TRUE has scored the highest points in the global telecommunication group for two consecutive years. 

True unveiled the intelligent digital lifestyle at True Shop Central World, before other shops nationwide.

Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, Chief Brand & Group Communications Officer at True Corporation, states, “TRUE Group’s vision is a new form of doing business with a sustainable strategy. To achieve this we put emphasis on developing innovation and technology that fit our customers’ lifestyles in the digital era. At the same time we adopt smart technologies that enable sustainable positive change in society and protection of the environment.”

“We continue to move forward to create innovations that reflect our responsibility towards society and the environment.” 

He pointed out that the uniforms TRUE recently debuted for employees are dubbed ‘First eco-friendly uniforms’ and are designed in line with the concept of “From Waste to Wear.” 

“The new uniforms are 100% environmentally-friendly because they utilise recycled PET plastic and cotton. This culminates in the creation of eco-fashion wear with a new gradient TRUE logo reflecting the image of TRUE’s brand in the digital era. At the same time they stress TRUE’s profile as an agile company that quickly adapts to change in the fast-moving digital world and swiftly responds to customers’ needs.”

Kittipong further highlighted that the uniforms have seamless graphic patterns, signifying the borderless digital era and “Omni Experience” that the company vows to provide. 

A specialised screening method gives the uniforms’ colours an ever-lasting longevity, underscoring TRUE’s commitment to doing business in a sustainable manner. 

Mr. Oliver Kittipong explained how Preedakorn ‘Bank’ Metkriengchai from RAMS (Personal Style Creatives) was chosen to design the uniforms.

“Preedakorn has a deep understanding about communicating through fabric design and has tremendous attention to detail. That’s how he was able to make the ‘first eco-friendly uniforms’ reflect the identity of TRUE through its personnel, who are the prime medium between the company and its customers.”

“The uniforms take into consideration the digital lifestyle through their AR pins which convey the message that TRUE personnel are smart agents offering remarkable digital experiences.”

Users can use their smartphones to scan the AR pin using the True5G AR application to receive information and notifications of various offers, thus solidifying TRUE’s image of being a modern company that cares about the environment. 

Furthermore, following the government’s ban on the use of plastic bags in major companies and retailers, TRUE Shops now use recycled paper bags that, as well as being practical, come with a beautiful and unique design. The move further evidences the company’s determination to carry on sustainable business operations that are recognised by the international community, a status underscored by TRUE’s ranking on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) in the Emerging Markets category for three consecutive years, and notching the most points in the global telecommunication group category for the second consecutive year.

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