Longines welcomes new CEO and strengthens the brand image as accessible classic Swiss timepieces for every generation

Longines welcomes new CEO and strengthens the brand image as accessible classic Swiss timepieces for every generation

Matthias Breschan- Longines' new CEO
Matthias Breschan- Longines' new CEO

For watch lovers, the term “Swiss made” is a synonym for exceptional watchmaking and unique craftsmanship from Switzerland, home to and production base of many of the world’s most renowned watch brands. Longines, the world’s fourth oldest watch brand, is one Swiss-made craftsman that evidently manifests such revered Swiss watchmaking. Recently the brand welcomed new CEO, Matthias Breschan, who is set to usher Longines into a new era with that brand’s firm footing in elegance, precision and accessibility for all generations of Swiss-made timepieces.

“To me the watch industry is truly fascinating,” says Matthias Breschan. “It’s the only place I can think of that is always looking back to its tradition in order to go further. Most industries need to adapt or fade away. With watchmaking, continuing to live a tradition is what keeps it alive.”

According to Matthias, what contributes to Longines’ 188 years of success under Swatch Group Ltd is not only its long history but also its adaptive attitude that inspires the brand to evolve through times. Another factor is the fact that Longines stays true to its brand purpose with diversified product segments for every taste and every generation. Today Longines symbolises success and ever-evolving innovation and is known for the using the best materials while giving value for money. Its classic designs that transcend time reflect the brand’s slogan “Elegance is an Attitude” that appeals to discerning watch lovers of every generation.

“Since its establishment in 1832, Longines’ expertise in watchmaking has shown strong devotion to tradition as well as design and the iconic Swiss made qualities,” continues Matthias. “These traits are reflected in Longines Heritage collection where iconic Longines timepieces are reinterpreted with enhanced performance and modern technologies.”

With his years of experiences in the watch business, Matthias stresses that Longines “is the symbol of success” that brings pride to its owner. Longines is also renowned for efficient mechanisms and excellent design that complement its wearer, of which Longines HydroConquest is a fine example. Inspired by watersports, the watch is available at affordable prices, making it an ideal timepiece for everyday wear.

For the ladies, Matthias enthuses that Longines captures this customer segment with Longines Elegance, designed with timeless aesthetic and contemporary flair that goes with every style. Among the timepieces in Longines Elegance are Longines PrimaLuna and Longines DolceVita.

For watch lovers who prefer understated elegance, Longines offers Longines Master Collection, which is part of Longines Watch Making Tradition, with emphasis on functionality, efficiency and automatic mechanism. Each watch also showcases unique qualities and features that display the brand’s exceptional watchmaking expertise and forward-thinking attitude when it comes to modern technologies and innovations.

As the world keeps changing, people’s lifestyles change. With its innovative spirit, Longines also keeps evolving to fit in with the world. This year Longines partners with Lazada, the online shopping platform known and loved by shoppers around the world, to bring convenience and comprehensive service to modern consumers.

Longines Best-Seller watches are now available at leading department stores and online at Longines Official Store @Lazada. For more information, visit www.longines.co.th www.facebook.com/LonginesTH

or contact Line official: @Longines_th.

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