Meet the educational institute that serves as a powerful platform for the jobs market

What with trade wars, business disruption and the Covid-19 pandemic, these are certainly challenging times in the jobs market.

Only the fittest can survive and thrive and a case in point is CMMU, an educational institute playing a vital intermediary role that meets the needs of all the various stakeholders equally and immediately. 

Ever embracing its role as an educational institute of producing young people qualified to fill the positions that industries seek, CMMU has now gone several steps further with the creation of a comprehensive platform to provide management resources for the industries shaping the future. 

In more detail, the platform is inspired by an ideal to smoothly connect human resources supply and demand. Already the platform has seen considerable success working with the food, real estate and other industries to provide a steady stream of qualified personnel. But now having asked the question ‘what if the university itself were to act as a platform connecting quality graduates and potential employees?’ we’re taking it a step further. Hence ‘CMMU Job Fair & Management Forum’ that the university recently hosted to hook students up with public and private entities directly. 

Hosted for the first time on 17 October 2020, at the College of Management Lounge, CMMU Job Fair & Management Forum resulted from successful collaboration between the Business & Community Relations Department, Alumni, Faculty and Industry Partners. Restricted to current CMMU students and alumni, the Fair & Forum had to be divided into three sessions to accommodate the demand and feedback was universally positive. 

With the objective of provide sufficient insider knowledge about current demand in the jobs market, the management Forum was hosted by CMMU faculty and Industry Experts. A Resume Clinic guided students in developing their resumes to have the best impact on recruiters. In all, 11 leading entities set out their stalls seeking to find everything from technicians to managers across a range of key industries. CMMU students thus had a unique opportunity to apply directly to fill the vacancies and kick-start their careers. 

As a case study in how one organisation has risen to the challenges, CMMU Job Fair & Management Forum was a roaring success.

For more insights and information about the college please visit Facebook: CMMU. 

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