‘Meet the Heads – The Beginning of a Great Heart’

‘Meet the Heads – The Beginning of a Great Heart’

King’s Bangkok recently held a series of events entitled, ‘Meet the Heads – The Beginning of a Great Heart,’ and revealed its plan to welcome students for Pre-nursery to Year 10 with world-class teachers

King’s College International School Bangkok recently organised the ‘Meet the Heads’ events and led a discussion of its motto, ‘The Beginning of a Great Heart,’ in which 1,000 parents and children participated. The event allowed parents, students, and the school to get to know one another as a strong triangular relationship is crucial to a student’s success. The event’s concept – ‘A Great Heart Takes You Further’ – was developed in collaboration with its parent school, King’s College School, Wimbledon, to ensure an equal standard of education. Parents can be confident that their children will be in an international school with a British curriculum adapted from King’s College School, Wimbledon, and teachers who have a love of teaching at heart.

King’s College International School Bangkok is an international school for Pre-nursery to Year 13 students. In 2021, it will welcome Pre-nursery to Year 10 students. Applications for Year 11 to Year 13 will be available in the following years. For further information or applications, please go to www.kingsbangkok.ac.th or call 02-481-9955.

Mr. Andrew Halls OBE, Head Master of King’s College School Wimbledon, and Tatler’s ‘Best Head of a Public School’ said, “King’s Bangkok was co-founded to be one of the best international schools in Asia. The spirit of King’s College School is embedded in all areas of the school; one example is academic excellence, with 25% of King’s Wimbledon graduates going on to Oxford or Cambridge. In addition, the school stands out with its unique pastoral care system, where every member of staff looks out for student wellbeing and its creation of a community centred around kindness. The co-curricular programme was also created to complement classroom instruction with a range of activities, including drama, music, sports and art. We believe that a well-rounded education will bring out the best in students of King’s Bangkok and nurture them to become adults who will bring positive change to themselves and the world in which they live.”

Mr. Thomas Banyard, the Founding Head, King’s College International School Bangkok, said, “We are proud of our teachers and staff who made the school’s opening a great success. Our students love to come to school and enjoy our activities. Most importantly, we have created a community centred around kindness. Today, we are pleased to have inspired confidence in prospective parents. First of all, the quality of our teachers and staff is a priority. In addition to their classroom responsibilities, King’s teachers closely monitor and take care of every student’s path through the Pastoral Care system. King’s Bangkok’s staff recruitment system is intensive. In the final stage of the process, they are interviewed by the senior management team at King’s Wimbledon, so as to ensure the same quality and standard of teaching at both schools. In our first year, 38 teachers have been selected from a pool of over 1,500 candidates. We have also been joined by some colleagues directly from King’s Wimbledon.”

“We believe that one other thing our parents focus on is their child’s personal development and growth. The answer to that is not just through the curriculum, but also through our emphasis on ‘A Great Heart,’ which ensures all students have good manners, kindness, and wisdom.”

Prof. Sakorn Suksriwong DBA, Chairman of the Founding Team, King’s College International School Bangkok, said, “As a father of four sons, sending my boys to an international school was one of my family’s biggest decisions. That is why I understand parents’ concerns. I also sent my sons to study in Britain, so I have seen with my own eyes how my sons developed in a British school. I was inspired to establish a school with a great curriculum and the best practices of schools in Britain. We do not just want the name of our parent school, but we also want this school to be of an equivalent standard in every way possible. Fortunately, we found King’s Wimbledon, which is a day school and offers education to children from Pre-prep to Year 13, and we shared its vision of offering a well-rounded education. King’s Bangkok was co-founded through cooperation between staff in both Britain and Thailand. Sending children here allows them to have a British education without leaving Bangkok. Our school is located in a great location on the Ratchada-Rama 3 road, a 10-minute drive from Sathorn. Our students enjoy coming to school as well because they do not have to spend a lot of time travelling to school. If parents would like their children to grow up with good manners, kindness, and wisdom, I believe that King’s Bangkok is the right place for them to grow into fine young men and women.”

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