C&G receives CSR-DIW AWARD 2020 for environmentally-friendly power generation

C&G receives CSR-DIW AWARD 2020 for environmentally-friendly power generation

C&G Environmental Protection (Thailand) Co., Ltd., represented by Mr. He Ning (2nd from left), Chief Executive Officer, recently received the CSR-DIW AWARD 2020 – Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Industrial Works – from the Director-General of the Department of Industrial Works.

C&G Environmental Protection (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the operator of a waste incineration power plant that produces environmentally-friendly energy. The Nong Kheam Solid Waste Disposal Center is located in a highly populated area which includes several education institutes.

Recipients of the award have to meet seven operational criteria, including 1. Organisational governance, 2. Human rights, 3. Labour practices, 4. The environment, 5. Fair operating practices, 6. Consumer issues, and 7. Community involvement and development.

Being honoured with this CSR-DIW award underlines the fact that the parent Chinese company has a policy to operate business with corporate governance that emphasises issues related to the environment, economy, and development of quality of life of residents living around the project area in a sustainable manner, all in compliance with industrial standards in Thailand and the international arena.

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