Huawei, together with Central World, provides the New Normal countdown live based on HUAWEI 5G + Cloud for an unforgettable New Year celebration experience

Huawei, together with Central World, provides the New Normal countdown live based on HUAWEI 5G + Cloud for an unforgettable New Year celebration experience

Bangkok, 31 December 2020 – To bring about a world-class New Year countdown phenomenon at Central World, one of the World’s countdown landmarks, Huawei Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Central World Department Store by Central Pattana Public Company Limited, introduces the 5G + Cloud and VR technologies for people to join the New Normal countdown celebration from home as if they were virtually present at the “Central World Bangkok Countdown 2021 – A Symbol of Hope” event.

This is the opportunity to provide a whole new experience in viewing fireworks as a symbol of the 2021 New Year celebration, and demonstrate the application of 5G technology to promote and restore an assurance to Thailand’s tourism during this challenging time. This technology not only upgrades the connectivity to ensure a more stable live-streaming with 8K high-fidelity based on HUAWEI 5G technology, but also provides an immersive experience through Virtual Reality or VR to promote tourism in the country like no other. Thai people may playback this memorable moment of celebration later on and for unlimited times via a variety of online channels available from Bangkok Post and its group and various media in Central World and other Central Plaza branches.

Huawei also collaborates with its partner, LETINVR, to provide the Cloud VR solution based on HUAWEI 5G + Cloud to realize the live countdown for the Central World Bangkok Countdown 2021 – A Symbol of Hope event via VR in the best possible immersive manner.  With VR glasses, people can experience the virtual countdown more realistically on 5G network. This Cloud VR introduces the technologies of cloud computing and cloud rendering into VR service applications. With the help of high-bandwidth and low-latency 5G networks, VR content is encoded and compressed by cloud computing and cloud rendering, and then transmitted to user terminals.

Immersive experience for virtual reality viewing with the maximum efficiency essentially requires the capability of the 5G + Cloud technology to rapid render VR 360-degree videos and high-speed data transmission between the cloud computing system and VR glasses on 5G networks.  Huawei Cloud uses the powerful computing capability to render and store the content on the cloud before delivering the immersive VR experience to end users through high-quality 5G networks.

Mr. Abel Deng, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd., said, “This marks one of our prides at Huawei Thailand to support the Central World Bangkok Countdown 2021 event, as Thailand’s world-class countdown landmark. We believe that beside the fireworks integrated with the only big digital screen in Thailand, Thai people are now also to see how technology enrich the life and make the moment memorable together worldwide and with technology, the celebration can be repeated thousand times.”

Huawei Thailand continues to push 5G technology forward in Thailand to accommodate the digital transformation. Tourism and service industry is one of the most significant industries for the country, as Thailand is one of the early adopters of the 5G technology in ASEAN. With the full technological integration and application, Thailand will effectively be upgraded to “Thailand 4.0” which will bring about new business opportunities and beyond.

“Huawei, as the leading technology company in ICT industry, will continue its collaboration with all partners to apply technology to overcome the challenges together, upgrade the tourism industry and provide full and continual support to Thailand towards becoming an intelligent country amidst the digital transformation and successfully becoming ASEAN’s digital hub. This reflects Huawei’s vision to bring digital technology to every person, home and organization to drive the fully-connected intelligent world.” concluded by Mr. Abel Deng.

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