Anglo Singapore International School are delighted to welcome you for a school visit.

Anglo Singapore International School are delighted to welcome you for a school visit.

At Anglo Singapore International School, we pride ourselves on priming the leaders of the next generation. Anglo is committed to holistic education that best prepares our students for the future. Our vision is to nurture and inspire a diverse learning community.

This nurturing guidance allows students to choose educational routes toward success whilst developing their sense of social responsibility. 

Our school Motto is “Learn to Think, Think to Learn.” Students are encouraged to think, discuss, investigate and actively create. In the classroom, students practise skills, analyse questions, solve problems, demonstrate processes and apply concepts in real-world situations.  Educational research pinpoints this learning approach as the most effective way to equip students with 21st Century skills essential to future lives and careers.

Anglo is a three-campus academic powerhouse with an exemplary track record. Students complete an intensive educational programme from Kindergarten to High School whilst fully immersed within the tri-lingual environment of English, Mandarin Chinese and Thai. 

The Kindergarten programme is designed to enable our students to reach their full potential in a challenging yet nurturing environment. Our programme encourages students to develop a lifelong love of learning from the very beginning of their education. We believe that with a strong educational foundation in Kindergarten, students will be better prepared and more predisposed to academic success throughout the rest of their school career. 

Our uniquely Anglo Primary Programme is based on a blend of Singaporean and Cambridge curricula.  This programme provides a great balance between academic excellence and the holistic well-being of our students. We train our students to be critical, creative and collaborative learners through subject areas including Chess, Drama and Global Perspectives; our students are never limited by the walls of a classroom.

Secondary School education at Anglo provides students with the intensive educational experience and skills they need to be prepared for university, careers and life. JC1 and JC2 students follow the Cambridge International Advanced Level (A-Level) syllabus which gives depth within a well-round course of study. Our school offers extensive academic support and leadership training opportunity to all students of all achievement levels, to ensure no student is left behind. 

Anglo Singapore International School are delighted to welcome you for a school visit.

You and your family are most welcome to choose either an in-person school visit by appointment or a virtual OPEN DAY via our E-Visit platform.

Book your visit at

For more details, please call 02-331-1874/5 or email

We are waiting to welcome you and your family to Anglo’s community!

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