Clean Your Injection Molding Machine using Purging Compounds

Clean Your Injection Molding Machine using Purging Compounds

Maintenance and repair are staple elements for any properly run manufacturing facility.

If you do not take proper care of your expensive heavy machinery, your machines may break down or malfunction and ultimately cost you a lot of money in repairs or replacement. 

This is particularly important for machines with a high risk of running into issues like injection molding machines. The best way to perform proper maintenance on your injection molding machine is to use a purging compound for a deep clean.

The reason injection molding machines are at a high risk of failure is because of the nature of their purpose. Superhot liquids with high melting points are passed through fine tubes and sections of injection molding machines, meaning that any residue will dry quickly and cause problems for the machine. Too much residue and the finely calibrated machine parts may not run smoothly. Risking a shutdown because you do not perform routine maintenance and clean your injection molding machine with a purging compound is a risk a seasoned manager would not take.

Liquid can Clean Everywhere

Purging compounds for injection molding are the superior cleaning method for a few key reasons. The first is that liquid purging compounds are able to reach all areas of the machine. Because they are liquid, just like the injection molding material, they will reach all areas that have potential for residue buildup.  

Sometimes, when doing manual cleaning, it can be challenging for humans to get into the small nooks and crannies of an injection molding machine. Purging compounds are not limited to those restrictions. Because of their fluidity, they are actually more effective in corners and joints because they can fully cover the surface of a piece of residue. This will more actively and efficiently break down residue and ensure that the cleaning process is done thoroughly. After all, what is routine maintenance and repair good for if you are going to do a half-thorough job cleaning.

Save Time Cleaning

Of the two main cleaning methods for injection molding machines, purging compounds are least time-consuming. Manually cleaning an injection molding machine requires taking apart pieces of machinery, cleaning them by hand, and then reassembling. In contrast, using a purging compound in your injection molder involves loading the machine with the compound and running it normally. 

You’ll save significant time using a purging compound because you won’t need to disassemble and reassemble the machine each time you need to clean. You will also eliminate the risk of error putting the machine back together. It is not uncommon for technicians to make mistakes if they are pressured to complete a project on a strict schedule.

Any good manager will know how valuable time is at a manufacturing facility. Any time spent not operating is time wasted. Using a purging solution will dramatically reduce the time needed for maintenance and repair and will allow you to dedicate more time to manufacturing.  

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