Multi-family office Co-founder Schwin Chiaravanont steps down from Aura Group

Multi-family office Co-founder Schwin Chiaravanont steps down from Aura Group

Chiaravanont shifts focus to his multi-family office venture Blueprint Forest

Schwin Chiaravanont, Co-founder and Managing Partner of multifamily office, Blueprint Forest Group, has stepped down from his board position at Aura Group, as his family office 2W Group nears the completion of its divestment that has taken place over the last two years from Aura Group, a Singapore-based Asia Pacific wealth and fund management company. Blueprint Forest Group is an independently managed multi-family office.

Mr. Chiaravanont stepped down after having been already focused on his efforts to build the portfolio of Blueprint Forest as well as 9 Basil, a recently established private equity venture. Blueprint Forest currently manages four portfolio funds: 9 Basil, Lossless Capital, Open Forest and Blueprint Forest. The leading investment group has increased assets under management by over $650 million since 2019. This year will see Blueprint Forest focusing heavily on real estate investments, while 9 Basil continues to take portfolio companies public in accordance ethical fund management practices. 

Aura Group served as one of the first companies Mr. Chiaravanont invested in. He pioneered bringing Aura Group out of Australia into the Southeast Asian market. Chiaravanont was a crucial asset in setting up both their Thailand and Singapore offices. Over the years, he changed direction to develop his own multi-family office and has since focused his time there. 

With many years of expertise in investment funds, Chiaravanont offers advisory services across a broad array of businesses, including Ngern Tid Lor, a 9 Basil portfolio company. The overall mission of Blueprint Forest Group is to extend intergenerational wealth by focusing purely on extensive investment research and foster close relations with select individuals who are both trusted and admired by the group. The overall aim is to invest patiently over time across multiple global asset classes, with the goal of achieving the best long-term compounded returns through the pursuit of excellence

Speaking about stepping down from the Aura Group, Schwin Chiaravanont, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Blueprint Forest, said:

“I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the firm. I am happy to be solely focused on Blueprint Forest’s multi-family office where we allocate capital globally and focus on long-term compounded returns with select partners. 2020 was a successful year for our portfolio funds and we are heading into 2021 optimistic and ready to take on what we assess to be ethical investments."

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