Meet Derrick Kinney: The Man Behind the Wildly Successful Seven-Part ‘Good Money Framework’

Meet Derrick Kinney: The Man Behind the Wildly Successful Seven-Part ‘Good Money Framework’

People often find themselves sinking under the weight of their worries. Most of them concern money. Derrick Kinney helps people out of this vicious loop. Kinney is the CEO of Good Money Framework LLC. He hosts the popular podcast “Good Money Good Hands Good Work”. He interviews people from all walks of life. He has covered the world’s top authors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs and continues to hunt for a fresh perspective. Kinney himself has been featured in several interviews conducted by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox News, Money Magazine, and multiple primetime shows. Forbes Magazine has also awarded him the “Best in State” Financial Advisor recognition.

Kinney is rather serious about how he views the world. He believes that people focus too much on earning money and spending it and too little on the attitude they hold towards the money. His sole purpose in creating his podcast series was to inspire his listeners. He wanted to bring to their notice a prime flaw in the way money is perceived. He says, “People often think money is bad. They tend to fear earning a lot of money. They struggle with managing it. They often don’t earn enough to give away. These beliefs are ruining our lives.” Kinney works hard at making people challenge their money mindset.

“Good Money Good Hands Good Work” podcasts have impacted several lives and in the right way! As Sean Astin said, “Your listeners have good taste in where they put their listening time.” Kinney feels fortunate to have experienced the essence of earning money for giving back. After leading a successful finance business for 25 years, he sold it. He wanted to pursue his passion for teaching. “I am teaching them to add value to their money and their life. I am helping them identify their purpose and make more money. I am training them to earn more, save more and give more,” shares Kinney. 

Sharing his plans for the future, Derrick Kinney Kinney reveals that he wants this theory to become the ultimate truth. He wishes to launch a movement that guides people from all income groups. He wants to train them on making an impact by earning more money, saving considerably, and giving more to the world. He hopes this concept becomes a part of our culture backed by books and other value-added services.

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