DOE adds skills to officers for the inspection and screening of Thai workers who want to work in foreign countries to make sure they don’t have a criminal record and are drug free.

DOE adds skills to officers for the inspection and screening of Thai workers who want to work in foreign countries to make sure they don’t have a criminal record and are drug free.

Mr. Suchart Pornchaiwisetkul, Director-General of the Department of Employment (DOE), has revealed that Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Ministry of Labour (MOL), has concerns about the increasing cases of drug addiction among Thai workers, who want to travel to foreign countries for employment. The rise in addiction is not just a cause of concern for workers’ health and quality of life, but also for how it negatively impacts their performance in the workplace and the effect this has on confidence in the Thai labour market, overseas.

To help promote a good image of Thai workers abroad, the MOL, has assigned the DOE to rigorously monitor and screen people who want to work in foreign countries. 

The DOE Director-General stated: “DOE has accepted guidelines from the MOL to coordinate with the Special Branch Bureau of the Royal Thai Police and the Office of the Narcotics control Board to provide training for inspection and observation of behaviours of drug-related persons, as well as consideration and inspection of the certificate of conduct. The training will give officers working at the checkpoint to screen Thai workers prior to leaving the country for work in foreign countries more knowledge and skill. 

On 20 February 2021, Mr. Somchai Morakotsriwan, DOE Deputy Director-General, chaired the opening ceremony of the training programme under the topic “Consideration of the Certificate of Conduct, Prevention and Resolve of Drug Problems among Thai Workers” to educate 50 officers at the Overseas Employment Administration Division and the Central Employment Registration and Workers Protection Division. These officers will be able to apply the knowledge gained from the training programme to help them work more efficiently. 

“DOE’s mission is to encourage Thai workers to work abroad legally, receive appropriate payments and benefits, and work with dignity. In fiscal year 2020 (October 2019 to September 2020), a total of 58,673 Thais went to foreign countries for employment, generating about 201,000 million baht in revenue annually,” added the Director-General.

Those who want to travel abroad for employment can get more information at, or call Provincial Employment Office, Bangkok Employment Office Area 1-10, or MOL Hotline tel. 1506, press 2 (DOE).

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