Ahmad Yasir’s Meteoric Rise in the World of Digital Entrepreneurship

Ahmad Yasir’s Meteoric Rise in the World of Digital Entrepreneurship

Image Credit : Ahmad Yasir
Image Credit : Ahmad Yasir

InstaReach CEO Ahmad Yasir on His Breakthrough in the World of Digital Entrepreneurship

We live in a digital world, which is reflected in the fact that almost every aspect of our daily life involves digital technology. This advancement in technology and the increase in its use has welcomed a new kind of entrepreneurship. Digital entrepreneurship is a modern way of succeeding and profiting in this tech world. Ahmad Yasir, CEO of social media marketing agency InstaReach is an entrepreneur who has embraced this new world and experienced a meteoric rise within it.

Yasir's journey into the world of digital entrepreneurship began with creating his Instagram page 'Reactions,' which collected together humorous content from around the web. The page quickly gained popularity and followers, cementing Yasir as an entrepreneur with an ability to scale an idea from nothing to success rapidly. Yasir's fluency in the language of appealing online content became apparent when he launched another Instagram account called 'Ghetto.' 'Ghetto' showcased everything online that was viral and trending. From these popular platforms, Yasir expanded his digital reach by creating his social media marketing agency InstaReach. The agency helps businesses structure advertisement campaigns and grow their presence within the digital world. Of his evolution from curating content for his own pages to assisting businesses to represent themselves online positively, Yasir says, "I saw the incredible power that social media can have in promoting online content and knew that it was a tool that every business should master."

Ahmad Yasir interests moved from academic studies to business pursuits when he discovered the scalability of social media and its potential for growth within the marketing industry. Once Yasir realised that digital entrepreneurship was a pursuable career and a place where he could explore and expand on his passion for social media, he knew it was the career for him. Yasir expands on this, saying, "The connectivity of social media and the digital advancements that we have experienced in recent years make the digital marketing field a fascinating space to create within."

In October 2020, Yasir published a book titled; 'Key to success through social media marketing,' which is a comprehensive guide for businesses. The book aims to aid them in using social media to excel in online marketing, and it marked Yasir's meteoric rise from creating Instagram pages to helping businesses create Instagram campaigns.

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