David Kang talks about the importance of having patience while trading

David Kang talks about the importance of having patience while trading

Image Credit  :  David Kang
Image Credit : David Kang

David Kang is popularly known as a stock trader and coach. However, the success achieved by the young entrepreneur did not come on a platter of gold. Born into a lower-middle-class family, David Kang did not have it easy growing up, especially as his parents were battling with health problems that prevented them from working. The dream was to become a professional violinist but as fate would have it, David currently pulls the strings in the world of stock trading.

David’s inspirational journey into the world of stocks started at the age of 19. As a freshman in college, David heard his friends discussing stocks. His curiosity and desire to learn pushed him to ask about the venture and after he was told to check out a free app called StockTwits, David simply took it from there, going all out to make it work.

StockTwits works like a social media platform for stock traders, allowing them to connect with traders across the globe, interact, and even copy the trades of gurus. Hard work and luck fell in place for the teenage David when he took one of the trades advised by a guru on StockTwits. The trader had a couple of thousand followers and he advised them to buy a particular biotech stock, with the prediction that it would appreciate. Young, broke, naïve, and desperate, David took the trade and he did so with all the money he had saved. His gamble paid off as his investment generated about $300 potential profit in 30 minutes. David did not hesitate, selling the stock immediately and cashing out his profit. David went on to make six-figures straight from his dorm room.

“I got extremely excited and started to vision the potential this stock trading thing had so I left class immediately and went straight to the school library. I asked the librarian to take me to the section of trading and investing and ever since then, I started studying daily more than my school classes. My grades went down, but my money went up. This is how my journey of stock trading began,” said David Kang.

David Kang has continued trading since then while helping others and coaching more than 10,000 traders to replicate his success.

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