MG heads full speed promoting electric vehicles in Thailand

MG heads full speed promoting electric vehicles in Thailand

Joins hands with NSTDA to set standards for EV charging stations in preparation for debuting MG SUPER CHARGE

To drive the growth of electric vehicles in Thailand, SAIC Motor-CP Co., Ltd. and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as authorised manufacturer and distributor of MG cars in Thailand, recently announced their collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to develop standards and a certification system for EV Charging Stations. MG also continues to open MG SUPER CHARGE following the success in installing charging stations at 108 MG showrooms across Thailand and expects to expand to 500 more locations within this year.

A manufacturer of electric vehicles that prioritises the strength of Thailand’s EV Ecosystem, MG moves forward with its EV plans to drive the country towards becoming an EV society. Besides constantly introducing new electric vehicle models to the automotive market, the company also works in collaboration with government agencies, state enterprises, and private parties to ensure the sustainable growth and development of electric vehicles in the country. 

Earlier, MG signed a memorandum of understanding with the Metropolitan Electric Authority (MEA), the Provincial Electric Authority (PEA) and the Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to expand charging stations in response to the rise of electric vehicles.

In order to create and promote an EV society, MG recently announced its collaboration and signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to develop standards and a certification system for EV Charging Stations or MG SUPER CHARGE that will serve as a research model and standard charging station. This will pave the way for the stipulation of one standard for future electric charging systems in Thailand and will assure customers that electric vehicles can be effectively used in the country.

“This collaboration is a significant move of electric vehicles in Thailand,” said Mr. Zhang Haibo, President of SAIC Motor-CP Co., Ltd. and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. “It is a collaboration between public and private sectors who share the same goal to drive the future of the country and to bring knowledge and standards of EV charging as well as the strength of EV Ecosystem to the next level. What we all want to see today is for all Thais to feel comfortable when they decide to use electric vehicles especially when EV Charging Station is one of the elements of the EV Ecosystem. This collaboration aims to prepare the infrastructure for EV use and set “standards” for EV charging stations so that customers can rest assured that electric vehicles can be used easily and conveniently. This will also drive the use of electric vehicles so that they expand across Thailand and enable the country to become an EV society.”

Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, President of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), said that “Thailand’s Ministry of Energy has promoted the use of electric vehicles as part of its Energy Efficiency Plan: EEP 2015 which aims at having 1.2 million electric vehicles in the country by 2036. Therefore, the collaboration between NSTDA and MG is an important step in elevating the standard of the Next Generation Automotive industry so that it can drive the country’s economy and help make an EV Ecosystem a reality as fast as possible. Having realised the commitment of MG in setting new standards for EV Ecosystem by prioritising the effectiveness and safety standard for EV Charger both on the domestic and international scale, NSTDA has worked together with the company through our Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Center (PTEC). Besides laboratory testing planned for batteries and EV Charger, NSTDA aims to develop the skills and knowledge for testers in Thailand in response to the country’s Next Generation Automotive policies. Moreover, in order to fully promote the use and services for electric vehicles in the country, MG has installed three charging stations for NSTDA: at Thailand Science Park in Pathum Thani, NSTDA Yothee Building on Rama VI Road and Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC) in Chachoengsao’s Bang Nam Prieo district.”

Mr. Zhang Haibo added that, “In terms of MG’s plan for the expansion of charging stations announced earlier, last year the company achieved the first phase of the plan, installing 108 EV Charging Stations in MG showrooms and service centres, 67 of which are ready to provide services. Charging fees are 6.5 baht per kilowatt-hour during the off-peak hours* and 7.5 baht per kilowatt-hour during peak hours*. The company is ready to move on to the second phase by installing 500 more MG Super Charge installations across the country by the end of this year with an investment budget of over 500 million baht. This will help lessen the worry among customers with regard to proximity of charging stations and build more confidence among EV drivers.”

MG SUPER CHARGE is designed under a driver-friendly concept where customers can charge their vehicles by themselves. They can search for MG SUPER CHARGE, check service hours and availability, book the service, top up their MG SUPER CHARGE credit and pay their charging fees through i-SMART application, the latest version of which is now available for download.

Following the success of its MG ZS EV which received positive feedback from customers, MG is considered a pioneer in electric vehicles in Thailand. The debut of MG HS PHEV and MG EP last year also earned good feedback beyond expectation.

Having said that, MG is now ready to create and develop its vehicles with outstanding Technology, Fashion and Value. All to provide better driving experiences accompanied with supreme services for all MG customers while aiding the growth and development of Thailand’s automotive industry.

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