Integrative personalised German therapies for the prevention and treatment of cancer arrive in Thailand

Integrative personalised German therapies for the prevention and treatment of cancer arrive in Thailand

Miskawaan Health Group (“MHG”) and Co-Founder Dr Johannes Wessolly

Originally trained in Germany and practicing as an anaesthetist, Dr med. Johannes Wessolly Co-Founded the Miskawaan Health Group over three years ago to offer his patients safe & effective alternative treatment protocols to chemical drug focused conventional medical treatment practices. Dr Wessolly treats each patient as a unique whole person, not a collection of individual organs. As Dr Wessolly likes to say “I treat the physiology of my patients, not just their pathology”. Together with a team of dedicated German scientists, Dr Wessolly has developed numerous propriety well-tolerated parenteral therapies which are bio-identical to nature and typically applied intravenously for maximum efficacy.

MHG is pleased to announce the launch of Miskawaan Integrative Cancer Care (“MICC”) in Bangkok on Tuesday 9 March 2021. Every cancer is unique, and MICC therapies have been developed in Germany by our renowned MHG Doctors and Scientists to personalise the safe & effective treatment of cancer. Mr David Boehm, Co-Founder and CEO of MHG, attributed the uniqueness of the MICC treatment programs to their advanced diagnostics, using the latest cancer diagnostic medical technology from Germany. The diagnostic findings will guide MICC doctors and therapists to determine the optimum cancer treatment regimen for each patient based on their unique circumstances. 

Dr Wessolly, MHG’s Chief Medical Director, has over the past 20+ years pioneered multiple innovative cancer treatment plans. MICC works with conventional oncology therapies (surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation) to focus on the best treatment protocols for each patient. 

MICC also offers our unique proprietary Restoration & Rehabilitation Programs, either in concert with our cancer treatment therapies or independently, to rebuild and restore the patient’s immune system to enhance the body’s own ability to recover from cancer, and equally importantly to avoid a recurrence. 

MICC Restoration & Rehabilitation Programs are offered both in Bangkok and at the Miskawaan Beachfront Villas in Koh Samui. 

MHG and MICC also offer cancer prevention programs for our many valuable clients.

MICC is located at Jin Wellbeing County in Rangsit on the 4th floor of Jin Wellbeing County Building A. Tel. +66 (0) 2086-8888, Email:

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