Get the Finest Obstetrics Services in Thailand

Get the Finest Obstetrics Services in Thailand

Whether it’s your first child or you’re experienced in childbirth, being surrounded by supportive and helpful professionals is both reassuring and necessary at times.

Expectant mothers who are high-risk need to be closely monitored throughout their pregnancy by the best obstetrics services in Thailand to ensure the health of mother and child. 

High-risk mothers include those who are under 18 or over 35. They also include mothers with conditions like high blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and STDs. But personal health choices such as cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol or drug use can also put the health of both the mother and the baby at risk.  

Multiple pregnancies, typically twins or triplets, can also be a cause for concern. The health of a mother carrying multiple fetuses is more at risk during pregnancy, and they need to have check-ups more often to ensure the safe delivery of the babies and take extra care of the mother's health. 

But even if you are not high-risk, having these obstetrics services in Thailand as a destination allows you comfort in creating a plan of action you can rely on for the inevitable big day. 

Planning Your Birth

For first-time parents, experiencing all the firsts of childbirth can be an exciting adventure. From your first ultrasound to the day you find out the gender of your baby, this is a time when your bond as parents can be strengthened. 

As a family, you should put a list of the must-dos and education you need to have in order to be prepared for the baby’s arrival, both physically and mentally. 

Remember, you'll be tired all the time, and your life will revolve around the baby's needs for the near future. Entering parenthood in the best condition of your life, as well as with a positive mental outlook, will give you a needed head start in being the best parent you can be.  

Your provider of obstetrics services in Thailand should also offer everything you need to ensure the health and well-being of yourselves and your child. Pre-labor information services, regular prenatal check-ups, and childbirth preparatory classes are something that both parents should experience together and support each other through the entire process. 

This is a time when the mother should strive to improve her health by eating a nutritious diet that favors fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoids certain types of foods. Focusing on legumes and plant-based proteins is a good start to your change in dietary habits.  

You should avoid raw and rare meat, as well as liver, sushi and raw eggs, including the eggs used in mayonnaise. Soft cheeses such as brie or feta are off-limits, as is unpasteurized milk. You should also avoid certain types of fish that have shown to be high in mercury content even when they’re cooked.    

You should get in the habit of exercising regularly. And take a daily prenatal vitamin. Folic acid supplements will also help avoid any neural tube defects in the fetus. When exercising, it’s also important for the expecting mother to stay hydrated. 

To strengthen the family bond, her partner should join her in the health journey as well. By monitoring each other's health along the road to fitness, both parent’s will share in the excitement of the impending birth and put themselves in a supportive frame of mind to provide the child with a healthy and loving family environment. They’ll also work to keep the other from straying off their healthier paths.

Just remember always to stay supportive and positive. This can be a stressful time in a young couple's life. You want to remember the time for the joy it provides to your relationship.       

Providing High-Quality Services and Comfort

Optimally, the same hospital that provides the services during your pregnancy will also go onto become a part of your family’s life and provide your gynecological services as well as any further obstetrics services in Thailand. They will be a trusted part of your family planning program and provide pediatric medical services for your growing child as well.

Having a hospital that can provide these services comfortably allows you to focus more on your family's health overall. The more you use a service, the more familiar and comfortable you become with it. Entering a facility where your medical history is known, and you know the doctors and staff as well helps you to relax. 

Phyathai Hospital Offers the Best Obstetric Services in Thailand 

For residents of Bangkok and the surrounding areas, Piyathai Hospital offers the best facilities for families expecting a child or for family planning. They offer complete care during pregnancy, as well as birth control consultation.

Their ten examination rooms offer the most modern equipment for mothers-to-be seeking an annual check-up or an obstetric exam. They also perform tests including blood tests for pre-marriage and expectant mothers, Thalassemia screening, hepatitis B detection, risk conditions detection including diabetes, and screening tests for Down's syndrome.   

Gynecological Care Tests and Treatment

Phyathai Hospital also provides a complete range of gynecological services, including a tubectomy and a tubal reanastomosis, as well as gynecology oncology detection, including a pap smear, thin prep, HPV DNA, and colposcopies.

They also provide expert care throughout their pregnancy for high-risk women and delivery packages for both natural and cesarean births. You’ll be in a comfortable and trusted environment when you choose some of the most qualified obstetric services in Thailand at Piyathai Hospital. 

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