The Top Trends to Dominate Men's Fashion in 2021, as per entrepreneur Zac Sheaffer

The Top Trends to Dominate Men's Fashion in 2021, as per entrepreneur Zac Sheaffer

Image Credit : Zac Sheaffer
Image Credit : Zac Sheaffer

The fashion industry is as glamorous as it is unpredictable. Only those with flair and experience can be truly successful here. Men’s fashion, in particular, has only come into the limelight in recent years. Here Zachary Sheaffer, founder of popular clothing brand Zamage, talks about the latest trends for men in 2021.

The brand offers a selection of tops, shorts, sneaker tees, track pants, and denim, among other articles. He says, “Men’s fashion wear is all about that one statement piece in every ensemble. It can be a hat, belt, sneakers, or shades. Just that one element can elevate the whole look.” 

As a brand, Zamage offers a range of bold, fashionable options to choose from, including their best-selling item: fire denim. The range can be found in the Trending section of the website and boasts thousands of five-star ratings from customers all over the globe.

Sheaffer adds, “The latest fashion trends that are making a strong comeback are from the 50s and 90s eras. Leather jackets, sweater vests, and loafers are all the rage now.” Today’s fashion has assorted colour palettes, with men rocking pastel and neon colours as much as neutral classics of blue, beige, and black.

Since the pandemic, the brand also started selling and donating thousands of face masks. Made with top-quality material and with express shipping, they have helped keep their sales up during tough times. Giving back to the community is also an important aspect of the brand, and Sheaffer suspects many brands are catching up. 

Latest fashion trends involving the use of organic cotton and wool are rising, with consumers becoming aware of the environmental effects of their fashion choices. “The future of fashion is classy and street-chic,” Sheaffer concludes.

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