Dolmar Cross’ Meteoric Rise To Becoming An industry leader

Dolmar Cross’ Meteoric Rise To Becoming An industry leader

Image Credit : Dolmar Cross
Image Credit : Dolmar Cross

From bankruptcy to Inc 500, Dolmar Cross’s story is a living proof that one can achieve whatever he wants even if he doesn’t have the resources to attain it, if he just keeps at it without giving up. Here’s how Dolmar Cross went from rags to riches in the real estate industry. Let’s delve.

When he was a kid, Dolmar realised that he wanted more than just a ‘normal’ life. He wanted a life that would stir others to turn their passion into profession. Today, he is turning heads by inspiring budding entrepreneurs during this pandemic. Dolmar shares, “Challenging times are the doorways to success. If only one could see….”  Dolmar himself has scrambled his way through umpteen challenging jobs until he discovered his true passion for real estate. But it was no bed of roses for Dolmar. Just like many on the path to success, he has had his share of ‘hustle’. He has even worked as a balloon artist, creating balloon animals for parties and events. 

“I faced plenty of setbacks along the way, but I never cribbed. I just knew one thing – to keep going through the tunnel, no matter how dark it is, until you come out on the other side and see the sunshine,” he shares. This winning attitude has led to Dolmar’s meteoric rise in the real estate market.  He has clinched 1,000 real estate deals over the past decade and a half, and now he is coaching and helping thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and students to use real estate to achieve their goals.

From bankruptcy to billionaire

Everyone, including friends and family, did everything possible to convince Dolmar to stay away from real estate, and rather just attend college and get a job. But Dolmar didn’t budge. During the process, Dolmar lost almost everything in the 2011 market crash and declared bankruptcy. He was on the brink of giving up, but the inner voice in him said, “All you have to do is keep going until you reach your destination.” So Dolmar kept at it, and eventually his efforts paid off. Soon, everyone in the real estate market started to recognise this emerging real estate star who was using his knowledge and technological know-how to set his real estate business apart from the others. 

Dolmar’s education company, Real Advisors, has been recognised by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for two years in a row.

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