Exclusive Interview with self-made millionaire Scotty Huss

Exclusive Interview with self-made millionaire Scotty Huss

There are millionaires and then there are self-made millionaires. Individuals who made their wealth on their own terms are a rare breed. They have no safety-net, no rich friends or family to bail them out when the going gets tough.

Their success is born solely from their own resilience, work ethic, ambition, and motivation. Entrepreneur Scotty Huss knows all about starting from scratch, swimming against the tide, and battling the odds. The 23-year-old has already amassed a small fortune and now spends his time helping others to do the same.

“When people realise you’re a self-made success, they become more open to any advice you can impart,” explained Scott, who added, “Which is just as well because I’m in the business of coaching others how to generate wealth and achieve financial freedom.”

As someone who made his fortune through Network marketing, crypto, Amazon, and eBay automation, Scotty believes everyone should have the opportunity to be their own boss. He’s also a big believer in philanthropy. 

Scott revealed, “To my mind, there’s more than enough wealth to go around and my mission is to help other people to cut their fair slice of the pie. A lot of people walk into great wealth or inherit it, but I think making your own wealth is far more satisfying and rewarding. Becoming financially free is a journey. You learn a lot about yourself on the ride, you develop new skills, learn amazing things, and most importantly by the end of the road, you know you’ve definitely earned it.”

As someone who hit rock bottom as a teenager and had to be institutionalised due to drug problems, Scott knows all about hard knocks, rolling  with the punches, fighting your way out of a corner, and picking yourself up off the floor when you feel you have nothing else to give.

“It’s when you feel at your lowest that you finally realise the heights to which you can soar,” said Scott. “People had pretty much given up on me at one point of my life. Hell, I had almost given up on myself. But I changed my mindset and started working on a future, instead of dwelling on the past, and I’m here to tell you that you can do the same.”

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