Dr. Bobbi: Making a Difference in People's Oral Health With The World's First Black Electric Toothbrush

Dr. Bobbi: Making a Difference in People's Oral Health With The World's First Black Electric Toothbrush

Not many people realise that having a healthy mouth and teeth should be of utmost importance because they play such a significant role in our lives. First and foremost, they help us chew and digest food and allow us to talk and speak clearly.

Also, it is widely known that a pretty smile can boost self-esteem and thus make our social and professional lives better.

On the other hand, poor oral hygiene can be a source of bad breath and a variety of serious diseases such as dental cavities and gum diseases, like gingivitis and periodontitis. These diseases may seem like nothing serious but gum disease can even have lethal consequences. And it doesn't get more serious than that!

If gum disease is not treated in a timely fashion, the bacteria from the mouth can get into the bloodstream, producing a toxin that causes the blood to thicken. The thicker blood has a higher chance of forming clots, and the blood clots can cause a heart attack or stroke. That's why it's crucial to pay attention to oral health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a quarter of adults in the US have untreated tooth decay, and almost half of them aged 30 years or older have gum disease.

Being an expert on the subject, a celebrity orthodontist from Brooklyn, Dr. Bobbi Peterson, explains that the cause of poor oral hygiene is both the patient's failure and the failure of the healthcare system. Dr. Bobbi believes that one of the biggest challenges in health care is that underserved communities do not receive the same treatment quality as middle and upper-class communities.

In her attempt to raise awareness of proper oral healthcare and with a wish to make a significant change, Dr. Bobbi designed a revolutionary way to keep teeth and the mouth as healthy as possible: the cutting-edge, battery-operated toothbrush called "Big Mouth Brush."

So what makes this toothbrush different from all other electric toothbrushes currently on the market?

First of all, according to Dr. Bobbi, when this innovative toothbrush hits the shelves, it will revolutionise the way people are taking care of their oral health. "It is designed to potentially halve the time a person needs to brush their teeth!" she explains.

Secondly, it's the world's first battery-operated toothbrush designed by African American women. "This will be the first electric toothbrush that was designed and created by an African American person, and that's something incredible," Dr. Bobbi says.

"I'm so excited about the release, which should come soon," Dr. Bobbi says. "It's going to be so awesome. Those who are really into maintaining proper oral hygiene will love it." She further explains that the toothbrush is a conjunction of tradition and innovation and that the quality, practicality, and design of the toothbrush will ensure that it will be a must-have item in everyone's personal care set.

While Dr. Bobbi's patients wait for the Big Mouth Brush to reach the shelves, they can enjoy her tooth-whitening pen which has a unique formula that is powerful but gentle on the teeth. Dr. Bobbi has also launched Oral Fix Beauty, a beauty brand that offers must-have beauty products for every woman.

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