GUGU Korean fried chicken takes flight

GUGU Korean fried chicken takes flight

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, GUGU Chicken has emerged as a rising star in the fried chicken market. Having opened up multiple branches during the pandemic, it has captured the attention of Korean fried chicken enthusiasts all over Thailand.

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of its establishment, GUGU Chicken entered the Thai market on 19 April 2020. Since then, the brand has seen remarkable success, with at least 2500 orders being prepared and sold from its branches each day. 

The founder, Mr. Jungsuk Suh, explains the reasons behind the brand’s popularity. Firstly, he cites its authenticity; the chicken is prepared based on an original Korean recipe, with the ingredients themselves being imported from Korea and the recipe for the brand’s signature sauce being devised by a Korean chef. Knowing this, it is undeniable that GUGU Chicken is genuine Korean fried chicken. Service-wise, all branches are compliant with international standards of quality. With an emphasis on quality and affordable prices to match, the brand’s main goal is to consistently serve the best to their customers. 

Mr. Suh has also credited the brand’s partnerships with various delivery services with being a crucial tool in enabling it to increase its reach and build a stronger customer base. Within a year, GUGU Chicken has grown to 20 branches and 150 employees; an especially impressive achievement given the difficulties that restaurants face in the pandemic. He believes that working with delivery services in the COVID-19 era has been extremely beneficial, allowing GUGU Chicken to become a top choice for customers. As the brand continues to grow, its success indicates that in Thailand, Korean fried chicken is here to stay. 

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