Thai Union donates 30,000 cans of Bellotta cat food to pet shelters and volunteers across Thailand

Thai Union donates 30,000 cans of Bellotta cat food to pet shelters and volunteers across Thailand

This brings the company’s total cat food donations to 40,080 units so far this year

Mr. Peter Galli, Global Director of Corporate Communications, and Ms. Sasimon Kiangkitiwan, Assistant Marketing Manager for the Global PetCare Business Unit at Thai Union hand over 19,200 cans of Bellotta cat food to Mr. Peerabun Charoenvai, President of The Hope Thailand, and Ms. Vipavadee Thungphotrakool, the owner of Four Legs Find Love page and Pet Volunteer.

Thai Union Group PCL, the leading global seafood company and owner of the Bellotta brand, has donated 30,000 cans of Bellotta cat food to pet shelters in Thailand over the past few weeks.

The donations were made to a number of pet organisations and pet shelters in Bangkok and Songkhla, including The Hope Thailand and Four Legs Find Love page, Smiledog Home Hatyai, Sunak Rim Rua (Sadao), and a pet shelter in Songkhla that rescues sick, injured and needy street cats and dogs while also trying to find homes for them.

These shelters and organisations will help broadly distribute the food to both cat shelters and pet volunteers who feed and help stray cats in Thailand, as the number of needy animals continues to rise due to the resurgence of COVID-19.  

Mr. Somchoke Khongrin, Human Resource Manager at Songkhla Canning PCL, a subsidiary of Thai Union Group, delivered Bellotta cat foods to the pet shelters in Songkhla. 

These latest donations bring the total amount of Thai Union cat food distributed so far this year to 40,080, and follow the 10,080 cans provided by Thai Union to the Rakmaw For Stray Cats Foundation in February 2021, which were used to help other cat shelters, hospitals and temples across Thailand.  

“Thai Union’s PetCare business is committed to giving back and helping its communities, both human and animal. We are proud to be doing our small part to provide humanitarian relief to cats and their guardians during these challenging COVID-19 times when the need is so great,” said Pornchai Tatiyachaitaweesuk, Vice President for the Global PetCare Business Unit.

Peerabun Charoenvai, the President of The Hope Thailand, said he appreciated Thai Union’s ongoing concern for disadvantaged animals and expressed his gratitude for this donation that will encourage pet shelters and the pet volunteers to keep helping animals.

Vipavadee Thungphotrakool, the owner page of Four Legs Find Love and Pet Volunteer, was “delighted to be the intermediary between Thai Union as the product donor and the cat shelters who receive the pet food,” some of which she will distribute to eight cat shelters around Bangkok. 

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant financial burden for many pet guardians, adopters, shelters and volunteer groups. Donating pet food is one way we can recognise and support these pet communities and the amazing work they do each and every day,” said Peter Galli, Group Director of Corporate Communications at Thai Union.

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