Bilal Junaid Shares 5 Pro Investment Tips for Better Returns in 2021

Bilal Junaid Shares 5 Pro Investment Tips for Better Returns in 2021

Investing should be a part of everyone's strategy. Strong investment portfolios are an excellent plan towards generating wealth that can supplement or create a financial cushion for the future.

Despite the wild economic swings in 2020, progress in 2021 is still looking bright and savvy investors are flocking to the markets, setting themselves up for significant returns and prosperity. Investment expert and entrepreneur Bilal Junaid maintains the markets are poised to deliver and shares his five pro-investment tips for better returns in 2021.

Bilal is the founder of a private venture capital fund which has deployed over $30 million in various tech companies worldwide. "When it comes to investing, it's all about just taking the first step," says Bilal. "With the right guidance, smart money moves are possible."

1. Learn as much as you can.

"It's easier to make a more solid decision on investments if you understand the companies you are investing in and what is happening in those industries," states Bilal. "You want to have a keen sense of potential swings and how companies may or may not react to them."

2. Invest in what you know.

"To follow on that point, invest in what you know, especially when starting out," explains Bilal. "When it comes to money, knowledge is power, so as you are learning, feel confident in the knowledge you already have and move in those companies and industries.

3. Reinvest dividends.

"Unless you need the income, continue to make money off your investments by reinvesting your dividends and compounding your gains," says Bilal. "This increases your earning potential over the long run and incrementally increases your returns."

4. Diversify

"Never put all your eggs in one basket," says Bilal. "It's normal to suffer losses here and there when you invest. Diversifying ensures that all your money isn't in one place should something go down. If you diversify enough, your money will always be in enough places that are up to impact your returns positively."

5. Know when to sell. 

"Always know when it is time to fold. You don't want to hang onto something that loses just because you put money into it," explains Bilal. "If something isn't going up, it's better to cut your losses when they are minimal and make a return on that money elsewhere."

Bilal believes that all it takes is a bit of knowledge, strategy, and courage to make the most of your finances by investing. As we move into 2021, more and more people continue to invest as the future looks exceptionally strong. 

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