Krungsri reaffirms commitment to ASEAN expansion strategy ahead: Latest SBF campaign launched in Philippines

Krungsri reaffirms commitment to ASEAN expansion strategy ahead: Latest SBF campaign launched in Philippines

Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) and SB Finance (SB Finance Company, Inc.), a joint venture between Krungsri and the Philippines’s SBC (Security Bank Corporation), have announced the launch of SBF’s latest campaign – “Dito, Pwede!” or “In here, you can!”.

The new campaign takes the concept of being a reliable and approachable financial partner in the new digital normal, with the aim to expand the partners’ reach into the mass market and help support economic growth in the new normal. Krungsri will continue to leverage its expertise in consumer finance to support the growth of SB Finance in the Philippines, reaffirming its commitment to its ASEAN Expansion Strategy following its recently announced new medium-term business plan covering 2021-2023. 

“Since Krungsri acquired a 50% stake in SBF on 20 October 2020, we have been supporting SBF through our expertise and leadership in Thailand’s consumer finance sector, encompassing product development, marketing, sales channel enhancement and risk management and we are set to launch multiple products this year,” said Mr. Dan Harsono, Senior Advisor of Krungsri. “This also further cements Krungsri’s strategic partnership with Security Bank to foster financial inclusion in the Philippines and demonstrates Krungsri’s commitment to our ASEAN expansion strategy with our vision to ‘be the preferred Thai bank connecting customers and meeting their needs across ASEAN.” 

“SB Finance’s goal is to create products and services to support the average Filipino and small businessmen in their financial needs while creating a customer-centreed journey in the new digital normal,” added SB Finance President and CEO, Abbie Casanova. “To do this, we needed a strong partner who has extensive experience in the field of consumer finance who can guide us in the right direction.”

Set to roll out various loan products, SBF’s “In here, you can!”, a short and simple tagline, aims to raise awareness about SBF’s loan products as more Filipinos look for a reliable financial partner that can help them bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. 

In February 2021, Krungsri and SBC obtained board approvals to infuse P3-billion into SBF upon receipt of requisite regulatory approvals. The additional capital will be used to fund investments in the latest cloud-based technology to support end-to-end customer journeys that are built on continued digital transformation.

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